Shailesh Rajpal – The man behind HAPPIEST RESUME

Happiest Resume is a resume builder that helps to create a beautiful & attractive resume from different templates designs trusted by 37000+ happy candidates as it has helped them to reach their desired jobs. Serial Entrepreneur Mr. Shailesh Rajpal has brought a new opportunity for all the juveniles helping them achieve their dream job.

HAPPIEST RESUME has a promising base with a global presence in India together with access to 40 more countries abroad like, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Kazakhstan, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Singapore, Japan, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Poland, UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Netherland, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Czechia, Romania, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Nigeria. Through which they receive vital access to the Indian Markets, and can directly contact the Indian hardworking Candidates.

HAPPIEST RESUME being the first company in India and all across the globe is a Job Board that provides the best job suggestions as per the match of the profile. With over 40k jobs in India and over 11k jobs abroad in 40 countries it provides jobs to both white and blue collar workers.

In the words of the founder and CEO Mr. Shailesh Rajpal “I have established Happiest Resume with the aim of providing free of cost services in helping and assisting Fresher’s as well as experienced professionals in building a perfect, professional and a beautiful resume and then supporting them in accruing their desired jobs”

India based Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and Director of the Rajpal Group of Companies Mr. Shailesh Rajpal began his entrepreneurship journey after completing his MBA from University of Melbourne, Australia. He had established 4 organizations under Rajpal Group of Companies namely White force Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd, Seven Eye IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Happiest Resume and Rajpal Petroleum. His diversified set of businesses spans across multiple products and services.

A man with leadership quality and optimistic attitude, Mr. Shailesh enjoys his life to its fullest. Being a fitness freak he keeps his plan fitness goal clear and plans his workout regimen accordingly with exercise and proper diet. Being a keen traveler he feels that travel is the way to discover your resourcefulness when you are exposed to new places and its people. He had travelled to several countries and alongside other countries his favorite destinations includes Dubai and Australia.

Excerpts of the Organizations established by Mr. Shailesh Rajpal.

“White force Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd was incorporated with the mission of providing employment opportunities to every youth of the nation and help them in landing a job they ever dreamt of together with providing temporary staffing to any firm and facility management services.”

“Seven Eye IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd was initiated to provide plethora IT solutions and services at contemptible prices under one roof. The main aim of the company is to recognize themselves among the top IT companies across the world”

“Rajpal petroleum was incorporated with the main motive of providing their customers with pure quality of petroleum products and they are so viable that they have every modern methods of accepting the payment”

“Rajpal Homes is incorporated in the year 2021, with the main objective of helping and being a part of sustainable urbanization, modernization, and providing a better quality of living. Their every site are integrated with modern technology equipment in order to increase productivity with limited resources and provide the residential possession on time”

Mr. Shailesh has been perfecting his skills in building successful ventures. He took risk repeatedly and started up several ventures that were rewarded with profits and growth opportunities once the idea became successful. He not only reformed several businesses with his own unique and creative ideas but have also made a dent in the world of business across different sectors of the economy and paved his way to success.

Claim to Fame – Mr. Shailesh Rajpal (Founder and Director of Rajpal Group of Companies, Co-Founder and Director of Happiest Resume and Seen Eye IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd, CEO of White Force Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd, and Director of Rajpal Homes and Rajpal Petroleum)

● Honored by the Tata Tele service with the title of the Best Performer in the year 2018.

● Honored by Airtel with the Award of Best Recruitment in the year of 2019.

● Honored by the Star Retailer Award powered by Franchise Services to Mr. Shailesh Rajpal.

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