Jigar Solanki – Mentalist Shaking Up The Traditional Entertainment Scene

Are you tired of boring and traditional entertainment at your events? Do you want your guests to be WOWed? Looking for something different to entertain your guests at your next event? Jigar is the man for you! His unique style of combining mentalism

Ensure a secure future with Ecanna

We now live in a digital world. Nowadays, everything is digital. So the popularity of digital currency is also on the rise. Everyone uses digital currency instead of cash on hand. The most important of these is Ecanna. We introduce Ecanna, a real solution

JSR Production House’s latest project, ‘Mussoriie Boyz’ is set to be released soon.

How one can get to the zenith of success is an intriguing question that has always intrigued people, and JSR Production House has the answer. They are a platform in the media industry that offers a wide range of services including cinematography and

Telecoms Supermarket India, the largest Telecoms Comparison platform in India, eyes accelerated growth

Telecoms Supermarket India is all set to celebrate their 3rd anniversary of operations this year. During this time, it has become the largest and the fastest growing Telecoms Comparison platform in India. Telecoms Supermarket India eyes accelerated growth post COVID-19 as more and

Planets At Play – Driving you to a better life

Do you need help deciding what the best course of action for your life is? Then astrology is the thing that will assist you in discovering it. Humans aren’t used to uncertainty and like to have all of their questions answered so they

Official Launch of Sustainable Agricultural Practices(SAP) by Shri.P. Prasad, Honourable Minister for Agriculture, Government of Kerala, at the RVS College of Arts and Science, Sulur, Coimbatore

The Event         In collaboration with Research and Development Cell, The Department of Biotechnology, RVS College of Arts and Science, Sulur, Coimbatore, organized a live demonstration on ‘Biochar- A Sustainable Approach’, One product Multiple benefits, under the support of DBT Star College Scheme,

Subhendu Ganguly – A well-known philanthropist on a mission to support and assist the younger generation.

It goes without saying that, while philanthropy takes numerous forms, it is fundamentally an act of benevolent giving that benefits others. It’s important to remember that philanthropy isn’t only about donating money; at the end of the day, it might mean lending your

Ranjana Bhatia is the new thinking pattern of 3d fashion metaverse: creating her brand authority

Ranjana is a 3D jewelry and fashion design expert hailing from Amritsar. She is on a mission to connect with 500,000 fashion enthusiasts and entrepreneurs and transform the way they think about designs and patterns. She is a tech savvy fashinnovator and fashionpreneur.

Elixir Learnings – Helping Budding Traders in becoming consistent Earners.

Stock trading is no longer the exclusive domain of investing professionals, thanks to the internet. Anyone with access to a computer or mobile device can now make money by trading stocks. A growing number of people are turning to stock trading as a

1st Indian Direct Selling Company Working in 60+ Countries

The brainchild of two visionaries, Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha (COO) and Dr. Vaibhav Adhlakha (CEO), RiSEOO has officially launched on 2-2-2022, a company that had already expanded into more than 60 countries during the pre-launch phase.  A revolutionary direct-selling company headquartered in India with corporate

Indrani Cosmetics – Taking the cosmetic industry by storm

Indrani Cosmetics was founded on 21st July 1993. The company laid the foundation in the cosmetic industry in Maharashtra as one of the first pioneers of manufacturing cosmetics. They pride themselves on their extensive range of products and the uniqueness they offer. They

A girl with an Aim, Meet the revolutionary girl, who is trying to create a history with the lovable game of Cricket.

Introduction- I’m Ghazal Khan, Co-Founder & CEO of Divyang Premier League (DPL) T-20, CEO of Divyang Cricket Control Board of India, Head of Indian Wheelchair Cricket, Secretary of International Affairs of International Cricket Council for the Physically Challenged and very recently I’m appointed

Why study in Europe? Advantages of Studying in Europe.

Did you know that over 2.8 million students from around the world came to Europe in 2020 for their higher education?  1. Careers: Shape your future in Europe Want to get ahead in your career? Many employers worldwide actively seek or value an international study

What Does a Bariatric Diet Look Like Before and After Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a well-accepted and well-known method of assisting people in losing weight. It can also help with a variety of obesity-related complications. Weight loss surgery also plays a role in the metabolic and hormonal changes that control hunger and satiety, according

Writing Powerful Scripts For The Entertainment Industry To Bring A Fundamental Change: Pallavi Lumba

Pallavi Lumba is a freelance writer who has been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade. She has exposure in Television and OTT medium. Currently, she is working as a part of the writing team with a  renowned production house. Her


On the auspicious day of the 73rd Republic Day, The Youth Foundation in association with Charlie Chaplin Events conducted a drive in Sion at Shiv Kalyan Kendra (Cancer Patient Home). Our main aim was to help patients attenuate their mental stress. TYF(The Youth Foundation) was established