Dr Sankalp Jain- Makes his place in Top 10 Sexologist.

A healthy sexual life is an integral part of life. But when it is the consequences and things at stake are high. Very high. Dr Sankalp Jain has been working in the field of sexology for years now, and with his experience and knowledge, he has made it to the top 10 sexologists. Dr Sankalp Jain holds MBBS, FNR, PGDID qualifications and gained his initial experience as an intern and a Junior Resident at King George Medical University and Hospital. 

Dr Sankalp is a renowned name in the community of medicos who has done a significant amount of work in the field of sexology. Dr Sankalp is a professional in this field and gives a lot in his work. Sex and intimation are still considered taboo in the modern world, and people feel embarrassed talking about this subject. Dr Sankalp is changing people’s outlook through which they look at sexual activities. Dr Sankalp is making continuous efforts and making people aware of how important is it to talk about these topics. Dr Sankalp says, “Intimacy is an important part of marriage.” If one faces issues like infertility, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other sexual problems should be talked about openly. Dr Sankalp Jain comes from a background of doctors. His father is Dr AK Jain. Dr AK Jain himself is a renowned doctor who has contributed a lot to society and continues till date. Following his father’s legacy, Dr Sankalp is doing what is needed the most in society.

Dr Sankalp is helping people deal with their problems in every way possible. He has saved a lot of marriages and has treated a significant number of patients; his treatments have resulted positively and have benefited a lot of couples. Dr Sankalp is born and raised under the umbrella of Ayurveda. When asked about, is Ayurveda helpful in the field of sexology, Dr Sankalp remarks, “Yes, I believe Ayurvedic Science is helpful, not just in modern medicine but from the ancient time Ayurveda has proved to be helpful. It is with the hi-tech modern technology and development that Ayurveda is now more useful and beneficial.” Ayurvedic expertisein treating various premature ejaculation, infertility, erectile dysfunction, penile size issues, and all other sexual issues. 

Dr Sankalp has been entitled to many awards and titles for his work in the field of sexology and treatment of sexual issues. Awards such as the Health Icon Award in 2017 from Dr Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Member of Parliament, the other awards.

Dr Sankalp has been nominated many times, including National Gaurav Award in 2017, for organising a social campaign to raise awareness and eradicate social taboos related to sexual health issues that garnered nearly 5.9 million impressions. He was also awarded Personality of the Year, 2018, by Mr Ram Naik, the honourable Governor of Uttar Pradesh. 

Dr Sankalp currently sits and takes appointments at AK Jain Clinic located in Lucknow. He always welcomes patients and is always ready to listen, talk and help them. Dr Sankalp also provides audio-video consultations at nominal rates. With the aim to bring sexual awareness, Dr Sankalp continues to work in this field at an international level.

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