Young Entrepreneurs Chasing for Innovation

The ideal founding team came from two individuals with an understanding of working together with mutual respect.

This journey is a journey of two self made entrepreneurs who entered the fashion industry with the most promising STARTUP BUSINESS characterised by demand uncertainty resulting from high variation of style and consumer tastes.

These two young budding entrepreneurs holding beautiful dreams with courage to hustle choosen their path and made an evolving startup with their brilliant strategies and unique ideas managed to build up THE UMDA STORE, with a record  breaking inventory idea holding nearly 3,50,000 products.

These budding entrepreneurs IBRAHIM ABDULLA & IMRAN RASHEED from Telangana mastered the formula and here’s how.

These young buds IBRAHIM ABDULLA a dropout & IMRAN RASHEED a software employee took it from idea and went through all stages of investment and managed to sell online products i.e, clothing, accessories, shoes etc during lockdown & even though after facing lot of difficulties in terms of delivery, payments & platforms as well. They came up builting a platform for make in India products – THE UMDA STORE

In April 2021, umda was started by IBRAHIM ABDULLA & IMRAN RASHEED, an E-commerce system which provides platform to sell products directly to the customers with 18000+ postal codes across the nation. Online shopping is taking over the market faster than one can comprehend. UMDA’s vision is to create unique and Impactable platform to the Indian manufacturers with the widest medley of 180 categories in the clothing industry with almost 6,00,000 products from 2,500 manufacturing companies.

Every product on umda comes with an assurance of authenticity and high quality. It is no longer a privilege of metro city or an urban area to shop their favorite products online.

This store is made on the core values of trust, respect for individual, unconditional gratitude, integrity & commitment to excellence.

All the services of umda store are isolated from the other platforms.

Indian manufacturers provides varieties of clothes in various sectors where very few manufacturing companies have an online platform selling them to vendors and other platforms where the charges are heightened or drastically multiplied & sold to customers by adding various hidden charges.

UMDA STORE is the sole store which provides a platform coordinated directly to the manufacturers where can also look after the other issues of extra charges kind of thing, hidden charges, delayed services, fastest payments etc. Can be taken care of. Other ones of replica products while selling through various platform can also be looked after guaranteeing the authenticity by the store.

The other brilliant side of the UMDA STORE. i.e, MAKE IN INDIA.

yes peeps, umda store solely supports and encourages only make in India products so as to grow, encourage and support our Indian manufacturers aiming to promote all the Indian products which are constantly overshadowed by some other ones promising growth and 🤩 development.

UMDA highlights the Indian products designed by various brands of India & importing them place by place.

Both the budding entrepreneurs has an ideal view that is, India needs more startups, more innovative ideas, more encouragements to the YOUTH.

One of the key aim of umda platform includes youth employment & job opportunities to the youth providing more opportunities for their better future & career focussed path through this platform.

It took massive work & commitment to built a business from the ground up, to achieving a thriving business these heart centered entrepreneurs with a passion attempted to realize their full revenue & profit potential & done with heart, making positive impression on those their business impacts, staffs, colleagues, vendors, families & community placing PEOPLE ABOVE EFFORTS.

Any startup needs financial backups leading to the betterment of the platform. These buds have also raised funds by raising company stakes & are still in process for better things & better growing opportunities Fulfilling the aims of THE UMDA STORE

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