We all have gone through various day to day talks and discussions, which are like “that guy is the backbone of our organisation… this is the central idea of the backbone of our business, the backbone of the hospital is this doctor, and the list continues.” Nevertheless, the implied meaning is that the backbone is the most central and essential part of the human body. 

That is why anybody who has a broken spine is in grave trouble. There are multiple reasons to support the statement as mentioned above. They are:

  • the amount of pain patient has to bear;
  •  the amount of disability the patient has;
  • the associated morbidity with it.

Anyone requiring spine surgery generally has scary dreams because thinking about surgery to this core essential human body is something serious. A couple of decades back, spine surgery was a very tedious task because there was no available technology that patients could harness, which has led to serious surgical complications. Some of the patients even lost their power in the legs at the age of 17 because the technology was not so developed.

However, things started improving in the late 19th and early 2000s when microscopes became a regular part of the spine operation theatre. Doctors had an excellent visualisation which helped them to give excellent results. Although, the patient has to undergo still anaesthesia and its related risks when the patient goes for surgery.

This was one problem that was still there with spine surgery; however, with the advent of endoscopic spine surgery, which is done under local anaesthesia, patients can avoid complications related to anaesthesia and risks associated with it.

A significant number of patients could not be operated on because they were poor surgical candidates. Anaesthesia could not be given to them safely. All these patients can now undergo endoscopic spine surgery under local anaesthesia and get good pain relief immediately after surgery.

Endoscopic spine surgery is the new pioneering technology, and very few surgeons have been trained to do the procedure. This is a German technology that involves very high-quality instruments as well as sophisticated vision endoscopic systems. Very few surgeons in India have learned the technology from Germany, the motherland of spine endoscopy. 

Dr Devashish Sharma is one of the surgeons who learned the technology from Salzburg, Austria. This technology is a breakthrough in nature. Dr Sharma is performing many endoscopic spine surgeries in North India with a very high success rate. He is also a part of visiting faculty at multiple places teaching endoscopy around the world.

This has been a boon to multiple patients who get operated on for spine related problems. After a spinal endoscopy, the patient returns home after staying one day in the hospital without stitches or any blood loss with a very fast recovery.

Dr Devashish Sharma is one of the best spine surgeons in the country. He is performing this great technique and helping patients to heal. 

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Youtube Channel : https://m.youtube.com/c/drdevashishsharmaspinesurgeon/

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