January 30, 2023
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World Leadership Conclave – 2021: Resilience and Reinvention

World Leadership Conclave – 2021: Resilience and Reinvention

Global Triumph Foundation and Image Planet Supported By MSME Govt. Of India had conducted World Leadership Conclave – 2021, Virtual on 14th of August 2021. The World Leadership Conclave will elevate ambition for strategic collective action, with focused objectives and clear paths to recovery from the continued climate crisis, global pandemic, economic disparities, and social inequalities. The Conclave will virtually convene more than 200 leaders from different businesses, Governments, Society to participate globally. World Leadership Conclave – 2021, Virtual Edition is one of the most prestigious corporate honors, awarded by Global Triumph Foundation and Image Planet. Both are premier and foremost organizations based in India that manage an event to achieve the client’s stated goal. We come up with ideas, develop a critical path and have expertise in promoting growth in Media, Market Research, Exhibitions, Conferences and Seminars, Awards Ceremonies, Buyer Sellers Meets, B2B Meetings, promotion, and fostering business and strategic relationships. We are actively engaged in ICT, Research, Media and Education Sectors.

Back in the day, finding the best training materials mattered for leader development. But that’s changed. There now is so much high-quality leadership content that finding suitable materials isn’t a problem. On the contrary, the main challenge is weeding through the content to ensure it’s consistent and aligns with the overall leadership program. The challenge, in short, is curation, not a content source. Technology platforms make content curation easy, and machine learning increasingly uses technology to help recommend the best content for every leader. We’re living through a period where we’re forced to reinvent ourselves faster and more frequently than ever before. 2020 was the year of the pivot. It tested our resilience globally, and many of us were forced to reinvent our lives, careers, and organizations. It made us realize that we need more than just the reskilling that countless studies have called for. We need constant reinvention.

Our Eminent Guest and Speaker are Dr Shailesh Thaker – Global Management Thinker, 100coaches.com.

M.N.R. Gupta M.Tech MBA-CEO Global and Director, RITZY Group-Europe, Chetaan Narayan Tendulkar-Co-Founder Director Operations, Vulhunt, Pulkit Kumar – Director, Business Operations and Sales, NoBroker, Dr Aperna Volluru: Founder and Chairperson, Myschool, Italy. The ever-changing dynamic world today has mandated businesses to stock check and take the proper steps to ensure a productive future. But how can business leaders successfully navigate the problem of reinvesting in the modern context? Under their roles within the company, leaders have to be at the helm of any reinvention process within the company. Leadership development will look completely different in 10 years. And it’s a significant change – to put it bluntly, traditional leadership development doesn’t work. That’s the unpleasant consensus of almost everyone who studies leadership programs – they don’t develop better leaders—our Event panel topic is Resilience and Reinvention. As the COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly across the globe, many businesses struggled to react both quickly and adequately. We are indeed in a reinvention revolution, where we all need to have innovative skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. The coronavirus pandemic — during which many of us experienced at least one life quake — has shown that nothing can be taken for granted.

A life quake is a series of adverse events or disruptions that occur around the same period. The pandemic took a toll on much mental health, career, business, family, and loss. It’s the multitude of events that create a life quake.

World Leadership Conclave – 2021 Winners List:

Dr Mansav Arora, Priya Yabaluri, Shaunak Desai, Speedforce Ventures Pvt Limited, Dr V. J. Nagesh, BiOM Medical Technology Pvt Ltd, Sasha Kulothungan, Ocean View Educational Group, Mohammed Tajuddin, Shaadi Mubarak Event Management LLP, Purushottam Singhal, Dr Siddharth Bhattacharya, MAHESH PRATAP SINGH, Mehrzaad Mogrelia, Dr Kishor Navandar, Dr Arpita Chatterjee, Ankit Gupta’ nandavani ‘, Immanuel Samuel, Asian Checkout, Abdul Rahim, Ayub Pasha, KALINGA BIOMEDICAL, Prateek Toshniwal, MAKE ME FAIR, Care Security and Allied Services, KISHOR KUMAR DASH, Ramniwash Singh Parmar, Ezee Well Pain Clinic, RAAJEEVVVBAGDII, GramePay, Shivam Kr. Gupta, Mr. PREM TANWER, Debasish Das, Er Mihir Kumar Brahma, Global Coach IT Academy, KR Business Solutions, Farida Jalees, Dr Gaurav Sharma, Dr K. S. Raghu, Dr Shailesh Thaker, Aayush Jasoria, Ar. Akash Karmakar, Dr Tanuja Patgar.

Thanking the notable people Pritam Agarwal – Mentor, Hitesh Kumar Jain – Mentor, Monika Jain – Founder, Image Planet, Amit Jain-Founder, Global Triumph FoundationSanjeev Bansal – Program Director, Our Sponsors: Franchise Karo and Merakee


www.globaltriumphfoundation.com and www.imageplanet.co.in

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