Blockchain and crypto are making headlines today either for their prices or for their fortifying aid provided through blockchain and much more.

For some of you who don’t know what blockchain and cryptocurrency are, here is a short description:

Blockchain is the technology that enables cryptocurrency to function. Blockchain is a decentralised technology that handles and records transactions across numerous computers. The security of this technology is part of its attractiveness.

Today, the citizens of the US have adapted to a new way. It is the most hyped and sensationalised use of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We are talking about the first political movement backed by crypto and blockchain. This movement was spearheaded by Tim Dever, called the PBI movement (People’s Bureau of investigation).

Tim Dever was interviewed by “Stealing from the Future”, a YouTube channel hosted by Saumo Chatterjee. In this interview, Tim Dever from the US and Diego Antolini from Italy share their political views on the Ethereum blockchain and how they are launching smart tokens on this network called the ERC-20 smart contract to support this movement.

Saumo Chatterjee talks to Tim Dever about the PBI Movement in the US against the Biden Government. The main reason to start this movement was the economic policies of the Biden government, the diplomatic policy, and the gentle way in which Biden and his team have taken to when it comes to China. The sudden exit from Afghanistan is also one of the reasons why the American citizens feel Biden and his government are projecting a weak America in world politics. The internal US policies also don’t show a promising future for the growth of the USA. Due to all this discontent among the people of the USA, Tim Dever has taken it upon himself to investigate the government’s policies and wipe out corruption from the system by giving a chance to the citizens to monitor the policies and the role of the government. Tim Dever thinks that the blockchain and the decentralised system are the way forward where people can also play an active role in the government’s policies and work. 

This Political Movement is the first of its kind in the history of the world, backed by Crypto Currency & Blockchain Technology. The ERC-20 smart token used by the PBI is called the freedom token, which Tim will soon launch in an ITO event (initial token offering). This token is believed to launch at 1.77$. Interviewing Diego Antolini, one of the founders of k2space, has helped the PBI in connecting their political movement to the blockchain and the decentralised network.

Click on the link below and get to know about:

1) Inspiration behind THE PBI movement.

2) PBI freedom tokens and their significance.

3) The future of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and DiFi networks.

To see the full interview on this subject, click here

Stealing From the Future is a channel that dwells on subjects that many do not touch or even fathomed. This channel aims at bringing the right point of view to its audience on the ongoing political, economic, paramedic subject from a different perspective. To know more about stealing from the future, click here

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