July 5, 2022

On 21st of May, 2022, WICCI Delhi Childcare Council organised an online event ULLAAS on Zoom to celebrate the spirit of childhood. The guest of honour was Dr. Pragya Kaushik who is a Media Educator and Internationally renowned lecturer.

Sponsored by ‘The Tasty Ninjas’ and ‘Mindful Parenting Hub’, ULLAAS singing and painting competition was organised for the children of 6-15 years. Held between 3-4:30PM, the event included active participation by many children from various parts of India. Children from two NGOs – My Perch and MDD Bal Bhawan- won accolades for their participation and talent.

Such opportunities open an avenue for the children of orphanages to meet the children of the outer world and get some exposure. Such online events are a big boon to such NGOs and children for giving them a safe platform for interaction. The media partners for this interactive event were The Daily Beat and Ghanti Bajao.

Most importantly, this event provided free practical lessons for all the registered participants prior to the beginning of the competition. Since no previous experience was required to participate in the competition, all children had the best time during the live event.

Mr Yash Tyagi (SPOC ASSOCIATE) from NGO SAFAR was an active support throughout, extending the outreach to the children in need. All the participants and the council members came together to make the event successful!

Dr Anushrita (The President) along with the Vice President Mrs Anjul Singh and other council members, Mrs Versha Manku, Mrs Vasudha Ahuja, Mrs Purnima Jain, Mrs Sonal Gupta, Ms Arushi Bhatia, Mrs Harmanjit Bindra, Dr Arti Jora, and Mrs Neetisha Ratn, were present to cheer up the participants.

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