While technology is growing at a fast pace, why shall we stick to the old, boring paper menus at restaurants!! TEAM SIGN IN Pvt Ltd, a well-reputed, well-established IT company located at the HiLITE Business Park, Calicut, Kerala is up with their excellent digital offering “The Smart Menu” for those who like to feast smarter. The “Smart Menu” is a digital dining menu that’s an uncluttered, easy-to-navigate system with no third-party check-out option, the first of its kind in this region. Its intelligent design outdoes the traditional paper menu that we have been accustomed to reading at food outlets, with upgrades that even enable dine-in customers to order their food items within their estimated cost. The Smart Menu is capable of redirecting orders to the restaurant staffs, letting them know the table that placed the order, making it a truly contactless menu, which is an added advantage at the time we are in. 

The Chief Technology Officer Mr. Nadeer VK further points to a host of value-added features besides the latest QR code including Glass QR, QR touch e-card, Table QR code, and Room QR. Paper, but Live and Intelligent, this “high resolution” upgrade to a redundant paper menu is already recognized in the Middle East and four other countries. The young and aspiring team behind TEAM SIGN IN has designed this system to be simple, utmost practical, elegant, and convenient, all at once. When customers can take advantage of its bespoke features, restaurant owners with a smart menu will potentially lead, eliminating the need for third-party involvement. According to Mr. Mohammed Sageer, Finance Director, TEAM SIGN IN, such third-party apps charge up to 23% from the restaurant owners pushing them to reduce their profit margin. The smart menu enables customers to order directly through the restaurant and check out much more securely. 

An interactive admin portal and dashboard where the restaurant staff can customize the menu and track the orders placed by the customer is an added feature. The menu has been designed to be updated spontaneously with the ability to feed in offers and the likes separately. Mr. Anas Mundo, Director-Business development shared that the menu will allow restaurants to brand their smart menu with their name and logo, to help gain a wider reach. Perhaps, the best part for business owners is the affordable nature of “Smart Menu” which is much less costly than building a new app. Also, customers can put their feedback which will make it easy for restaurant owners to understand customers and their feedback. This innovation is set to succeed with its novel features while going hand-in-hand with the eco-friendly shift taking over the country. As smart technology can remodel human intelligence and multiply its efficiency and impact, TEAM SIGN IN is enthusiastically looking ahead, to channelize this superpower to make the common man’s life simpler. 

TEAM SIGN IN is a team of young experienced entrepreneurs who have much knowledge about various business trends accompanied by an accomplished technical team to sail forward. The company which is merged with ADM Qatar has other momentous services which include App Development, E-commerce website development, Digital Entrepreneurship, Business Consulting, and Branding. TEAM SIGN IN also provides free business consulting for online business. Their services can be found at their

website www.teamsignin.com,



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