January 30, 2023
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Why B-Raja Soar Music Group Won’t Settle”

Why B-Raja Soar Music Group Won’t Settle”

B-Raja Soar Music Group (BRS Music Group) was formed when we realized music could be better. Simple as that. There is an absence of many cultural elements in today’s music that is missing and we are not just putting those elements together, but we are also distributing that art all around the world with our partnership with Universal Music Group. Music has always been a part of each of the founder’s lives. We came together with one goal: to elevate the quality and diversity of music. Music in certain genres follows a trend – same sound, same melodies, etc. What this leads to is a lack of creativity and uniform music that listeners get tired of quickly.  However, someone has to take the risk and push boundaries – that is where BRS Music comes in.Our USP’s are the artists we work with and the team behind BRS Music Group.  Those can never be replicated.
Our mission is the touch, move, and inspire every person on this planet with the music from the artists we work with.We have diverse management: from top-tier MBA programs to those that didn’t attend college. We are actively with grammy nominated artistsWe are focused on working with artists we believe in and distributing their music globally with our partnership with Universal Music Group.Anyone that enjoys pushing the boundaries of music
Stay true to your mission and don’t fall in love with your product or service.  Keep adapting based on the needs of those you serve until you get it right.
Follow us on Instagram (@brsmusicgrp) and reach out to us on our website (www.brsmusicgroup.com) if you think you have music that you want us to hear!
B-Raja Soar Music Group LLC is creating this platform to bridge the West and South Asian Pop Culture. (BRS) Music Group is building a reputation in the US as being the main gateway for India artists to break through in the US. Universal music group is the largest label in the world. They understand India’s culture and they always at the forefront of music evolution.
Artists generate streams in the USA from multiple platforms, and those platforms are 
A. All DSPs globally B. Actual downloads C. Radio
BRS executives staff consist of:

Managing Partner A/R development 
Bobby Singh Managing Partner A/R development 
Sorea BordersOperation/ Marketing Specialist 
Parth BrahmbhattOperation/ Marketing Specialist 
Sunny SinghOperation/ Marketing Specialist 
(BRS) is currently working with SHAN SHERIF an India born singer, songwriter, and EDM music  producer currently living in Kerala India. (BRS) Music Group will be releasing SHAN SHERIF single “ Arabic Bliss” in August 2021.

(BRS) Music Group recently released its artist “ Yung Terp “ featuring Wiz Khalifa. & twenty99x who also produced the single “I GOT”  The track currently has over 1.5 million Spotify streams.

(BRS) Music Group  is currently accepting music from artists all over India to partner with us an our musical partner Universal Music Group.

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