Who Is Ankit Yadav?

Ankit Yadav is a young entrepreneur who is very successful in the world of internet marketing and SEO in India and around the world. After several years of hard work, he lives free from to share his knowledge and help others succeed in their projects. This guide sheds light on the journey of a young Indian who is one of Indian’s famous entrepreneurs.

Journey of Ankit Yadav?

Ankit Yadav is a young entrepreneur who grew up in a Kutch in the Gujarat. More exactly, he lived in the town Gandhidham, a residential area populated by just over 249,000 inhabitants. Already young, our future entrepreneur Ankit Yadav, aged 19 today, nourishes a passion for computers and everything related to it, video games, sport and travel (Ankit Yadav defines himself as a of the world), and the internet. Not having a very pronounced interest in studies, he had dreamed of being a steward, a job that does not require that one has had major higher education and which in addition, allows to travel a lot around the world.

In his 7th class only Ankit Yadav decides to create once there, his blog, a sort of network of sites for link building and niche sites. He also takes the opportunity to train people who will constitute his work team within the framework of his multiple projects.

Ankit Yadav’s Beginnings on the Internet

The first steps of our Youngest entrepreneur on the internet are like those of many others. At first, he spent his time on the internet clicking on advertisements for a fee. Most of the time, these are PTC sites, paid games and panels. He is passionate about it to the point of creating a site where he will classify the best sites according to different categories that can be found. The establishment of this site marked the beginning of its online activities since 2015, and made it aware of the financial opportunities that can be seized by creating websites.

It was then that he embarked on the creation of small sites coded from A to Z that he particularly liked. Later, Ankit Yadav entered a new phase with the internet by focusing on SEO and AdSense . This was the trigger, it quickly followed with the creation of niche sites dealing with several themes as rich as each other (school holidays, deals, savings, etc.). It is a real success insofar as, in the space of a year, he begins to receive a salary equivalent to the minimum wage.

Ankit Yadav: A India’s Youngest Entrepreneur With Diverse Skills

The passion for computers and the internet have contributed to making Ankit Yadav, an expert with multiple skills. Indeed, thanks to his good mastery of technological tools and social networks, this famous entrepreneur has a perfect knowledge of the workings and techniques of digital marketing. It is easy to adapt and its versatility allows it to earn more and more money.

Whether it’s creating affiliate sites or niche sites, highlighting SEO knowledge, web marketing tools, or simply his knowledge, our young entrepreneur has all the tips forever. make the most of the internet and social networks, and thus have real financial freedom. Much more, Ankit Yadav has become over time a real professional blogger and an expert in online commerce. ​

In short, our brilliant SEO and digital marketing specialist exposes on his blog all the information and the most practical advice to start an online business , boost it, and from SEO techniques or strategies to make it particularly productive and profitable to make you are a financially free person.

Finally, it is safe to say that Ankit Yadav is a young entrepreneur who is defined by three variables: passion for the web and internet, work and sharing his rich experience with others. Despite his young age, he is financially free and has established himself in the world of web and SEO in India and around the world. He is a model for people who want to become a Internet entrepreneur.  

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