Wazirx Referral Code 2021 for new user sign up

Wazirx App allows you to trade and buy bitcoin, Ripple, and Litecoin in India.

Enter Wazirx Referral Code 2021:87b3yj3z

Sign up at Wazirx to receive a 50% commission using our Wazirx Referral Code 2021. Share your Wazirx App Referral Code 2021 with friends to earn a commission.

Wazirx Referral Code

1. Download the wazir application from the play store.

2. You will see a banner that says Welcome to WazirX. Click on Get Started to start the registration process.

3. Click on Sign up, then enter your email and create a password. Finally, click on Referral code.

4. Enter Wazirx Referral code:87b3yj3z

5. To complete the registration process, click on the Sign-Up button

6. On the next page, you will need to verify that your email address is correct

7. That’s all. Once you’ve registered, please follow these steps to complete your KYC.

WazirX’s latest Referral Code is 87b3yj3z. Register with the referral code to invest in more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Get the wazirx application from the Appstore or Play Store and start your crypto journey. This website contains information about the most recent wazirx referral codes, as well as tips and tricks for promoting your code to earn WRX coins online.

How do I complete KYC?

1. You can open the menu by clicking the profile button located in the upper right corner.

2. 2. Now, you’ll see the Verify account option. Click it

3. Next, choose your country and click Complete KYC

4. Please enter your name, address, date of birth, Aadhaar number, and PAN card number.

5. After you have completed all details, upload your Aadhaar card and PAN card.

6. Congratulations! To submit your application, click on Submit. Wait a few hours for the KYC verification to take place.

How do I deposit money in Wazirx

1. Click on the icon to open the app

2. You will then see an INR option. Click it to activate it

3. Click on Deposit to proceed

4. Verify your UPI ID here. It shows that I have verified my UPI ID.

5. Once UPI verification is complete, enter the amount you wish to deposit and hit continue.

6. That’s all! You can now complete your UPI transaction to have the money added to your wallet.

WazirX Referral program overview

● WazirX’s signature referral program was launched in 2018. The first users of WazirX have made a lot of money from this program. The initial benefits included 50WRX coins as well as a 100% trading fee.

● Later, as WazirX grew in size and their user base grew tremendously, they had to reduce the referral benefits for the referred individual.

● The benefits are not available to the person who was referred. Referring people via the wazirx referral code is the only way to get the help of the referral program.

● Referees get 50% of the trading fees forever from their referral network. There is no cap. You can withdraw your funds instantly or trade with your referral earnings.

Important update on the Wazirx referral program

On August 15, 2021, there will be a significant update to the referral program. Update: Referral earnings can only be earned in the form of WRX coins. This change will take effect on August 15, 2021. No matter what currency you referee trades with, the bonus will be in WRX coins. It was previously credited in the forms of BTC, WRT, and INR. This made it very easy to trade with the currency you earn as referral earnings. This will increase the transaction volume and frequency of trades for the WRX coin. Invite your friends to join the WRX coin by using your wazirx referral code.

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