Virendra Ingle – An ace business coach on a mission to help SME, MSMEs and Solopreneurs

Virendra Ingle is a keynote motivational speaker, a business coach, a franchise coach, a leadership coach, a sales and distribution consultant. Virendra is the founder and CEO of Velocity Xcelerator Pvt Ltd, a serial entrepreneur Virendra Ingle had coined Velocity Xcelerator Pvt Ltd with the mission of helping Solopreneurs / SME / MSMEs to create next-level leaders and autopilot their business by 1-2-1 Business Coaching & Business Consulting.

Without a doubt, having the proper coach on your side may help you reach your stride and enjoy exponential development since a business coach is the voice of reason in any company. Every company deserves to come off the bench and into the game, and a business coach can assist them in doing so. The finest in the company do not ride alone, and an experienced business coach will remain by their side, providing a pair of shoulders to lean on as they strive to achieve their next breakthrough. Recognizing that you require the assistance of a business coach is the first step in achieving success. Stagnation can occur at any stage of a firm, whether you are a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned veteran.

As a management consultant and business coach, Virender Ingle assists company owners in starting a new business from the ground up by mentoring, supporting, teaching, and inspiring them so that exposure may help them not only gain eyes on their brand but also aid with product sales. He works on a variety of organisational issues, including sales, marketing, company strategy, and staff productivity, as well as training next-level leaders to help entrepreneurs run their businesses on autopilot. He coaches aspiring entrepreneurs, SMEs, and mid-sized businesses on how to construct their ideal business plan, set goals, manage people, and produce next-level leaders.

Virendra’s company, Velocity Xcelerator Pvt Ltd, was founded to provide Business Coaching, Goal Setting, and Strategy using simple tools and proven frameworks to help AutoPilot the business and take it to the next level through their EDP-Entrepreneur Development Program, Step Up, and Sales Excellence Program. Currently, Velocity Xcelerator Pvt Ltd has expanded its wings in Delhi and Pune as a business consulting and leading corporate training company in India, with the goal of assisting business owners in selecting the right business model to run their business on autopilot and become successful entrepreneurs, offering services such as Strategy Consulting, Operations Consulting, HR Consulting, Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Sales Consulting, Human Resources, and Envisioning.

Virendra Ingle has 20 years of extensive experience in corporates at the top level, exhibiting ability in leading new start-ups, new product launches, diversifications, and growing companies through strategic initiatives and organisational capabilities. He began his entrepreneurial adventure in 2016 with the intention of assisting aspiring entrepreneurs, SMEs, and mid-sized corporations in reaching their objectives by sowing the seeds of creating an ideal business strategy, defining goals, managing people, and developing next-level leaders. Velocity claims to be one of Pune’s greatest business consulting firms, assisting corporations not only in building and executing procedures but also in evaluating the success of such processes through frequent evaluations and training.

Claim to Fame – Virendra Ingle

  • Conferred with the National Performance “Arjuna Award” of the year 2010 by Tata Teleservices Ltd.
  • Virendra has impacted over 1000 professionals on their journey to next-level leadership over his career as a business coach, helping over 100 company owners develop their firms and accomplish their intended goals.
  • He encourages entrepreneurs in selecting the appropriate business model for their products and services, allowing them to operate their businesses on autopilot and become successful entrepreneurs.

Regardless of the size of the company, mentoring and coaching are required at various periods depending on the scenario. Small businesses in India, in particular, require nurturing and coaching because their owners are particularly vulnerable due to their lower holding capacity, and it is only a business coach who can assist business owners in clarifying their vision so that they can take their company to where they want it to go. According to the study, 80 percent of those who receive business coaching claim higher self-confidence, and more than 70% report improved work performance, relationships, and communication skills. Take your business to the next level with the help of Virendra Ingle, a prominent business coach with years of experience in growth consulting. Consider the possibility with Velocity and take a stroll with Virendra to see the magic that will transport you from where you are to where you want to go.

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