Vinshul Aggarwal switched careers from Filmmaking to business, now runs a successful Juicer manufacturing unit, Dr. Kitchen.

Vinshul is the Founder of Dr. Kitchen, A fast-growing in-house juice maker manufacturing company based in Ambala.

They use the highest quality raw material, processed by a dedicated workforce working with the latest technologies to create a product with ever-growing Demand and a Pan-India consumer base.

At the young age of 23, Vinshul has had his fair share of industrial experience. Born in a business family, he learned about debit and credit, business ethics, policies, Orders and deadlines. 

But as a born visionary and a free soul, he always wanted to explore the world through his own eyes first and do something that would excite his creative mindset. 

He found his perfect career in Filmmaking, where he was his boss and had the freedom to create his world through stories, sound and colour.  

Being a self-taught artist, He gained interest in this art from a very young age. Learning and working with his close friends.

He even undertook a degree in Film Production from Punjabi University, Patiala. He was one hundred percent sure that this was the career he wanted to pursue. During his graduation, Vinshul started his own production house by the name of VIP productions with the help of his friends and family members. He got his Camera as a gift from his uncle Vipin Sehgal who has helped him whenever he wanted. 

 A dreamer as Vinshul is, he had high hopes of this venture. And with his dedication, planning and resourcefulness, he kept his channel growing at a stellar pace, with new and creative projects releasing each month. With his savings, he bought all the necessary gear he wanted to shoot short films. 

But this was not his “Happily forever after,” Vinshul had to shut VIP productions when the Covid crisis hit hard on his filmmaking dream. One of his core team members and his best friend had to shift base to Australia for his photography career to make matters worse. 

With a crashing economy creating ripples in his own life, he decided to leave behind the excitement of a less-paying film career to do something that would generate more income. He joins his family business which he thinks will be more lucrative. 

To support his family business, he quit his dream of studying film and television production abroad. He started manufacturing Juicers and other appliances, with the brand name of “Dr.Kitchen” under his parental company Hare Krishna Industries in Ambala. Combining the business expertise he inherited from his family and the lessons in spearheading his ventures, he could carve a niche for himself in no time. 

With in-house production of all the components, world-class machinery and Infrastructure, regular quality checks and a dedicated workforce backing it, Dr.Kitchen has given Pan-India quality products with a substantially increased demand.

Adapting to a sudden change in career, he is currently learning Business Management and Digital Marketing to enhance his abilities further.

His first ever short film was The shoe won’t fit, which was on the theme opposing why parents force their children to opt for safer careers and not their dreams. Later, he realized life is uncertain. One must have a second plan as well, and one must be adaptable to shift to a quick change.

Vinshul is the perfect example of Never giving up, learning from one’s mistakes and Adapting to one’s environment. Having learnt from his experience, he has established himself and his brand through his hard work, brilliant business sense and sheer dedication. 


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