‘Vinayak group’ one of the top real estate developers in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Vikrant Purohit (Director – Vinayak group) is a leading name when it comes to property developers. The group is based in Gandhinagar (Gujarat) and is working towards glorifying the capital city since 1970. It was founded with the vision to design & develop this new city in a different way.

The vision expanded in 1990, when the group started taking small scale housing development projects and since then they have never looked back. Vinayak group that started as a small real estate property developer, started making affordable medium to large scale building projects in 2009. The expansion was in favour and in the year 2016, they shifted into building and development of high premium and large scale projects.

The vision with what the Vinayak Group was founded is now on the path of being accomplished. The vision has led the group in top 3 developers in terms of quality in Gandhinagar. The projects that are undertook by them are always known for the quality, standard and unique designs. Vinayak group came into limelight after the successful completion of Vinayak Lifestyle & Vinayak Skydeck which are still in demand and known for their quality and uniqueness.

Currently the group is working on project called Vinayak Courtyard which is making buzz in the city with its resort style design and fabulous amenities. It has 60,000 Sqft central open garden, which is largest compared to any other project & 25 activity zones. The speciality of the project is that it has 75% open space and project is built only in 25% area. The amenities like Gymnasium with panoramic garden view, club house, box cricket, football ground, basketball court, party lawn, toddler day care, tropical lake & work station that allows you to work in an atmosphere where the working is fun.

Vinayak group is filled with talented and experienced professional that are experts in what they do. The quality of materials that is used is highly researched in world class facilities by world class researchers. Vinayak group has done an award-winning job in this firm and are determined to keep doing and expanding their qualitative work. One of the leading and the oldest real estate developers have achieved many milestones. The group has completed many projects under them including many commercial, residential, public and private sector categories and have established themselves as a leading premium developer in the Gandhinagar city.

Vinayak group is active on instagram and continuously makes reels that are on the topic ‘Master Real Estate Business’, they help budding real estate business enthusiast and provide them with tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts for the estate business. The reels are also going viral and making people aware about the work group does. Vinayak groups has built a huge social media presence. The group has also launched its unique application that is available on android. The group has come up with an application to connect buyers with their team, this is unique feature that makes it easy for the buyer to understand the details of the project and increase the transparency of the process. Being a leading group they make sure that they are very transparent in nature and providing every big and small details to the buyers like the layout, location, areas, proximity, gallery, facilities and units available. With the application buyers can put forth their queries and the experts from vinayak group will provide them with the answers. The application also allows the users to choose property as per their comfort, needs and requirements with just a click.

Vinayak group has made a place in the hearts of their customers with the services that they offer. Let us have a look on what their customers have to say,

Daxesh prajapati says,

“a disciplined real estate developer based in gandhinagar, delivering high-quality real estate projects at every prime location. The unique thing about their projects is that all projects are very well-connected great locations and high-profile area.”

Aalap buch says,

“Trusted & always believe in delivering high quality product with customer satisfaction as their prime focus. Have seen their work & groups work ethics. It speaks volumes for their work. Keep it up. Way to go.”

Vinayak group has built flats for sale that are always loved by the customers and meet the needs of people. With the growing demands in capital city and government also keen on investing and developing SEZs and financial hubs like GIFT City, Vinayak group is working hard to present the best quality options to the clients. The locations are the finest and projects are full of world-class amenities for every age group. The specifications and designs make the flat more comfortable and buildings more attractive.

Since 1970 Vinayak group is working to build & design the best for citizens of the city and promise to continue to do the same on future as well, with more zeal and enthusiasm.

You can learn more about Vinayak group from the following links and download the application for the Google play store:


Instagram: vinayak group (@vinayakestate)

Facebook page: vinayak group gandhinagar

Google play store: vinayak group (app on google play)

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