Dreamy hued organic silhouettes that not only look and feel gorgeous, but take a leap ahead to do a world of good for the well-being of all living beings on our planet. Sustainable design label Vanaras is all about embodying a genuine passion for all thing’s nature-endorsed and indigenous – weaving native fabrics that are 100% certified organic and completely Azo-dye free, with chic contemporary styles, fair trade practices, and a design aesthetic that is slow, long-lasting, minimal and conscientious from source to finish.

For Bangalore based designer and sustainability enthusiast Vandana Bhandare, the passion for warps and wefts was stirred decades ago when she waltzed into her father’s silk manufacturing unit, as a child. The idea of chemical-free sustainable living and choosing stringent organic GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification, over readily available conventional ingredients came as a calling, after years of researching on slow, caring, sustainable alternatives that can arrest the irreparable damages caused by inorganic products and detrimental manufacturing processes.

Every Vanaras creation is crafted of the purest organic cotton grown in 100% chemical-free farms, handpicked tenderly to preserve the purity of every fibre. The silhouettes are airy, sophisticated, cosy and endowed with subtle little details that echo a woman’s sensibilities –stunning peplum details, romantic ruffles, generous pockets, back-tie crop tops, sensuous back yokes, gorgeous puffed & balloon sleeves, relaxed-fit shift dresses, form-flattering cigarette styled trousers and seductively gathered swirly slit skirts that ring in that classic Audrey elegance and the ever-trending Monroe chic. The styles are numerous and versatile, allowing one to switch from casual to semi-formal to formal, or leisurely brunch, lounge room and boardroom settings with ease. The fabrics are extra-long lasting, petal-soft and herbal dyed in gorgeous organic colours extracted in a slow skin-safe eco-friendly process solely from all-natural ingredients and Ayurvedic derivatives such as madder roots, haldi, pomegranate rinds, harda, burnt ash, sea salt and more – delighting one with eloquent bursts of colour and joie de vivre.

Named after ‘the essence of the forest’, the entire Vanaras fabric line – ‘Forest Moon’ and ‘Valley of Flowers’ to name just two of the brand’s beautiful nature inspired collections – follows zero-waste design cycles that are solar powered, sustainable, skin and nature-friendly, and come infused with little warps and wefts of thoughtfulness in every detail. 

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