UpTodd – Personalised Parenting platform by experts from IITs, AIIMS, MIT(USA), for parents with babies upto 3 years of Age

Current fast moving world with rapid evolution, with covid like tough situations making parenting a most difficult job and babies are unable to gain their full potential and there has been a rapid increase in developmental delays. In today’s article, We are covering a wonderful team with global experts, helping parents to achieve their dreams & desires around their newborns/toddlers under personalised guidance of an expert.

It’s about UpTodd – “Upbringing of Toddlers”, UpTodd is a personalised parenting global platform which is curated & developed by a team of experts, doctors & professors from IITs, AIIMS, MIT(USA) etc., and ranked no. 1 in personalised parenting category by 100openstartups for their amazing works for parents and their babies. UpTodd also published a research review paper by analysing 10,000+ research papers of the last 100+ years by its team of experts to ensure scientific support is provided to the parents.

Platform offers complete guidance to a new parent from the 1st month of the child to 3 years of age by providing a personal growth expert who takes care of everything around the child as per developmental needs, Parents lifestyle, Home Environment, Milestones of the child etc., it’s analysed by meeting via. 1-1 video session where expert provides a personalised application and assigns personalised routines for parents, research based music, brain boosters, activities, video sessions, and much more completely as per developmental needs of the child. Also, the program provides a personalised growth kit of developmental toys, posters, wallpapers and much more for the child at the doorstep.

Program is currently helping parents majorly in India and the United States and has ratings of 4.9 out of 5 on different platforms, with a presence in 20+ countries. Our team got a chance to speak with one of the parent enrolled in Uptodd, named Ridhima, she has this to say – “I have enrolled 5 and half months back, Covid situations and screen time was biggest hurdle for my 7 months old, and I started to find emotional and language developmental delays, once I joined Uptodd things changed, my expert mam really helped a lot and provided me amazing growth kit of toys, wallpapers, posters, flashcards etc. and app where she keeps on adding things which is really helping a lot to my child. Currently, my child doesn’t want mobile and developmental stages are better than the child of the same age in my society, if I compare, not only physically but socially, emotionally, language, thinking etc. in all the terms. So I am highly satisfied and I even love that uptodd cares a lot about my feelings as they planted a tree in the name of my child which I can track.”

UpTodd program has a really strong mentor  & curator board with the likes of Dr. Jaideep Sharma, 1981 Batch, AIIMS, Prof. Krishna Vedual from MIT, Prof Manoj Mondal from IIT Kharagpur, Dr. Sudhanshu Singh, Richa Singh etc. like 100+ highly experienced professionals with reviews and feedback by 10.000+ global doctors, researchers, educationists, scientists etc..

“Covid Situations, Nuclear Families, Lockdown constraints, Screen Time, No Proper Tree Views, No Animals, Birds etc.  Proper views & engagement around the child creates a lot of challenges for the overall development of a little one. Many times a parent thinks all is going good but suddenly the child starts to lag somewhere, even though there is one research which says just 1 child out of 10,000 children reaches their full potential in life. It’s all because firstly we miss something out during childhood then this highly competitive world with so much pressure all around the child creates a huge hurdle in the life of the child. So, at UpTodd we solve this problem by assigning best leading experts who curate everything personalised as per child’s developmental needs and partner with parents for strong foundation of the child without any mental constraints. We partner with parents from 1 month of the child to 3 years of age and help at every step of their parenting journey”, said by Richa Singh, Chief Product Officer at UpTodd UpTodd is offering a demo package to children and a slot with one of their experts, which can be booked from – Click to Book, its specially arranged for our readers & visitors

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