With a mission to create ghar -ghar Foodpreneurs Chandannagar surbs of Kolkata based Bengali couple Mr. Avinaba Bhowmik and Mrs. Jayshree Bhowmik established home cooked food delivery platform UpChef.  Launched on 7th December 2020 this home cooked food delivery platform started with 5000 INR is now estimated to hit 6 figure revenue per month by the year end of 2022.

UpChef is a home cooked food delivery platform with variety of Home chefs where customers can order their food as per their choices. This start up has so far registered more than 12 home chefs currently delivering around the areas of Chandannagar, Mankundu, and Chinsurah within 10 km radius. The food is being cooked by the chefs at their homes and they only cook such dishes in which they are skilled at without compromising on the hygiene and the taste. Their point of difference lies in the fact that the customers can order multiple dishes from multiple chefs in a single order without paying any extra delivery charge.

Before registering any chef, the team at UpChef pays visit to the home kitchen of the home chefs to check whether hygiene is maintained and the empanelled chef tastes the sample food cooked by the home chefs to ensure the quality and taste. If the home chefs meet the certain parameters for the quality of the food prepared by them, then they are signed as the home chef at UpChef.

Indeed, the concept is unique and the idea of UpChef had originated from the co-founder Mrs. Jayshree Bhowmik and she shares an inspiring fact behind the establishment of UpChef “We are always fond of travelling to different places and try different cuisines but there was a dearth of authenticity in the taste unlike home cooked food and moreover we have few friends who despite having culinary skills are not able to bring their hidden talents into light and this triggered us to establish UpChef”

Though few people are still unaware of the concept of Home Cooked Food Delivery Platform, the co-founder Mr. Bhowmik shares “It’s our little attempt to make people understand that they can choose variety of food from multiple local chefs under same roof without losing the authenticity, hygiene and the taste.”

It’s been 9 months since the inception of UpChef and by far they are currently operating their business over whatsapp business and very soon they aim to scale up to the next level with mobile application and website which will be launched anytime soon.  The co-founder Mrs. Bhowmik shares the entire process of operation of whatsapp business “So, once a customer pings over whatsapp an automated menu card link goes to them and from there they select the Chef and the dish, they order us via whatsapp or over phone. And now we have our own delivery team, so once the order is confirmed we forward the same to the delivery partners (we call them UpChef Ninjas) and share the live tracking of the delivery partner to the customers who wants”. Initially Mr. and Mrs. Bhowmik used to look after everything from pick up to delivery to understand about the ground level work and even now also they spare no effort to give their 100%  in terms of providing their customers with better experience.

The co-founder Mr. Bhowmik shares his point of view on entrepreneurship “Entrepreneurship is way harder than what we usually see or read in media. We have to remain consistent and that’s the key to your success.”  He also shares that this food aggregator business is quite tricky and when he talked about UpChef he stated “Registering the home chefs and also have a constant check over the quality and make the customers understand about UpChef becomes quite hectic. Actually people still love to order home cooked foods in the traditional way. It’s really very hard to make them understand the concept from where they can choose multiple home chefs. Normally traditional food business is not tricky as people are used to it. But with a new concept, yes it’s tricky! But, 98% of our customers are repeated”

The Co-founder Mr. Avinaba Bhowmik is a video editor and founder of Black Art works that is an advertising agency and the other Co founder Mrs. Jayshree Bhowmik was a 3D animator who worked with some of the best TV series like Motu Patlu, etc. No doubt, the team UpChef is working tirelessly from the past 9 months to give their customers with best experience which they have never experienced before. Though most of the part of the business is offline but they have managed everything very smoothly and it’s possible only because of the tremendous co-operation of the entire team. Mr. and Mrs. Bhowmik shares “Our team and our customer’s love have been the biggest strength of UpChef and so we strive to not let anyone down”.

The co-founder of UpChef Mr. and Mrs. Bhowmik signs off saying “We are immensely grateful to all our home chef’s for trusting and supporting us when we were nothing. We are elated to inform everyone that some of the Home Chefs are successfully earning 20 – 25K INR per month from UpChef”

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