Trust the best with the chicest and most happening street style brand on board – REALLY UNSOCIAL .CO, YOUR AMIGO in street styles.

“Fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion”-Chanel.

As has always been the case, the best fashion is always on the streets and will always be! So why not make it worth the while?

 Open the wardrobe and voila! Desire to trash every outfit because none of them reflects even close to being cool.   It’s surely an uphill battle, every time people have to face the biggest irony of having yet not having anything to wear. The most underrated problem but has the potential to be a stressor.  CICADA13 claims  to solve one of  the most overlooked   questions,  “what to wear?” “What will look cool-dope yet simple and classy at the same time? “

A vast majority of the youth full of vim, vigour and fancies are intrigued by streetwear and casual attire.  Eager to look suave and cool while retaining the simple yet powerful style. When one thinks about streetwear, it is not about what they wear, or the streets are not their style.

CICADA13 was born to express and not impress. The brand owner however, decided to change the brand name and image to a much more relatable name. Thus CICADA13 changed to REALLY UNSOCIAL. CO.

So what does REALLY UNSOCIAL consider a street style?

This is what Shourya Maji the torchbearer for the brand said- They encourage the audience to grasp the mere fact that streetwear has a diverse soul of its own along with fashion trends meant for various causes. Streetwear is not exclusively gaudy, loose, flamboyant, and hip. Streetwear is the laid-back, serene look that everyone on the street would wear. It means that it will make the person feel at ease and confident while also giving them a chilled-out appearance.

Well true indeed. Fashion has the power to change history. Unfortunately, fashion sense is not that commonly found. It might not be a  cause for every person’s sleep deprivation but can be a real mind-boggler. Folks either dress to express themselves or just simply wear anything. Let’s focus on the former -dress to express because just wearing, sounds like cavemen walking around anything they grab upon.

 REALLY UNSOCIAL is a fresh gust of wind to the stuffy boring wardrobe. Have a keen eye next time an influencer or a big fame name comes up on the screen. Having the exact attire for the occasion always is not magic. It just requires the right fashion sense that aligns with one’s ideas, ideologies and of course personality. Believe it or not, it is the ‘new black’! But here is the twist. Unlike other brands, REALLY UNSOCIAL is passionate about what they produce and infuses into the market.  They envision prospering not just by creating fashionable clothing but to sew a community of close-knit youngsters who share the same ideals and support similar goals.

When asked about what they conjure up an image of or foresee for their brand, it was so beautifully put together by Shourya,

“We would like it to be a movement rather than just another apparel label that people wear. We, as a brand, and I personally as the brand advocate, would like to focus on putting out and supporting the ideas and reforms that Young India requires. It is not only about a nation, but also about the people. There is a great need for reform in specific areas of human values, and we must call it out. Wearing clothes with the same beliefs, attitudes, and values lets us feel linked to other individuals who are wearing the same notions. As a result, we are currently concentrating on community development”. This is the reason the fashionista Shourya states to be currently active on social media.  They are also in discussions with the micro-influencers, who will be breaking out on the platform very soon. Influencers such as Alexis Pan, Hemant Nangru, and Shubham Sharma had allowed them to collaborate on projects when we were just starting our label.

REALLY UNSOCIAL is surely working out magnificent and exceptional ideas. So pondering on that we asked if the label was also working with artists and baking some new fun propositions and agreements. With a very positive and confident tone Shourya replied, “Affirmative! The artists with whom we hope to collaborate are new and relatively modest. However, by collaborating with them, we are putting our companies’ largest bets on their futures. We hope they get a major break soon. They are striving hard to express themselves through music. We will make every effort to assist them. We collaborated on the merch for YKSDOG’s new album with this artist from Delhi. It’s available on all platforms. We hope to work with musicians like Typicalmusic and Farhan K, as well as many other artists, in the days to come.”

He also adds that REALLY UNSOCIAL is a novice in the arena, but an emerging, lifestyle clothing line that is being styled by some of India’s in-vogue, fresh and most promising influencers. The brand has also collaborated with a few budding underground Hip Hop acts. REALLY UNSOCIAL offers a contemporary, trendsetting variety of wearables such as tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies. They believe in speaking out about societal wrongs and supporting the right by expressing their opinions through what they wear. The clothing company has been working hard to promote collective awareness principles in the best way possible.

The next question that dashed into the doors of REALLY UNSOCIAL was about their next plan in action concerning the brand.To this, the brand founder had a very honest and genuine reply. “We didn’t put much emphasis on social media initially, which was a miscalculation. It’s better to be late than never. We currently have a few followers, most of whom are influencers and artists with whom we have collaborated. However, I hope people enjoy wearing what we produce.”

They are fresh and innovative and are now on the social media platform. They hope to see the same success here as they did on their website in the B2B market. REALLY UNSOCIAL is currently up and taking pre-orders for its upcoming collection.

So, why wait when you can scroll through their entire collection? Order now before the stock gets over because waiting is sure no fun!

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