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Everyone’s journey of growth, healing and transformation is different. We evolve and grow according to our pace depending on our childhood experiences, epigenetics, lifestyle, past traumas, environment, etc. This implies that one model of fitness, growth or healing is never going to be enough. With the increase in the number of downloads of meditation and fitness apps it is evident that people need help. And the ever-increasing need for a better health ecosystem is also noticeable. So, it can be understood that fitness apps based on traditional fitness models and meditation apps are not helpful in the long term and are the solution to the entire population. Since the pandemic gave us, a hard time hitting the realities of life we have recognized the issues we are experiencing with ourselves but most of us are unsure where to seek help and what kind of help we need. As a result of it, due to lack of guidance people are trying a lot of self-help books, techniques and apps.

TrainE is working towards establishing a platform where people can reach out to our health professionals to manage their health issues like weight management, obesity, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, diabetes, PCOS, hypertension and various other mental and physical health concerns. TrainE will be a boon because here we will not only focus on diet and workout but also track the habits and coping mechanisms of an individual that can be worked upon. Once we start working on habits and coping mechanisms that we don’t need any more like emotional eating, substance use, internet addiction, lack of sleep hygiene, lack of physical movements, not eating mindfully most of the time, etc we will be able to bring revolutionary changes in our life. Yes, we call it revolutionary because it’s an act of revolution to take care of yourself and your health when all we are taught is to keep performing and pleasing in order to find our worth. This of course is a flawed definition of worth.

Zaid Khan, founder and CEO of TrainE Health is a well-known personality in the fitness and health industry due to his commendable work to make health affordable and accessible to everyone across the globe. He said, “I was known as “The Skinny Guy” for all my school days. Despite being active in sports I was very skinny and always used to be afraid of being knocked down against heavy and strong opponents. I joined the gym when I was 17 and for three years, I didn’t observe any changes. Earlier, I went to the gym just because my friends were going. I never focused on my eating habits and was endlessly spending money on supplements. I started experiencing low self-esteem and confidence which was reflecting in my personality, career and interpersonal relationships. So, I decided to take Fitness seriously and I started studying about fitness and everything related to it. I eventually discovered that “Fitness is not complicated, instead fit and healthy lifestyle helps us deal with complications of life with more ease “.

I started making plans for myself and gained over 10 kgs in 12 weeks, this transformation made me quite popular in my local area and many people approached me for diet and workout plans which gave great results. And hence, I decided to make Fitness Easy, Simple, Affordable and Accessible for everyone. I ventured into the space of Fitness and Health Consultancy to burst the myths and eradicate the stigma.  Fitness and healthy lifestyle are not about fancy gym and expensive food and supplements to lose or gain weight but a pathway of adopting a lifestyle that involves taking care of our daily habits holistically in order to gain healthy physical and mental health.

I along with the team of young, motivated, fitness and goal-oriented individuals have helped over 650+ clients from over 11 countries to transform and improve their lifestyle so far and I am looking forward to eradicating all the inhibitions that people have regarding healthy holistic living. That’s my story.”

In TrainE health team of nutritionists, fitness coaches, psychologists, doctors and other health professionals work together along with the dedicated research team to understand the root cause and triggers of the client’s health conditions rather than directly jumping to manage symptoms or fad diets and workouts for superficial results. Anyone can get the access to TrainE health app is an app that is available on android and ios which will help people to transform their lives in to the healthier self.

One of the most important reason of getting results from a health/fitness plan is “Client-Trainer relationship”. TrainE believes in it so much that they let the users try their services for free for 15 days absolutely free to allow users to experience the results and only after that invest in that plan rather than being stuck with a plan which they cannot follow. Visit their Instagram handle to get access to free 15 days plan with Premium Trainers and Coaches.

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