How to Capture Images with Style for the Modern Bridal 

By Wedpro Photography  On the most important and most photographed day of her life, every bride aspires to look just as beautiful as the pictures she has spent months studying in glossy wedding magazines. She has selected every detail of the day as

The new launch by Serein creates a stride for Sustainability in fashion industry “House of Serein”

Everyone, from influencers to celebrities, is working to spread the word about sustainable fashion and, as a result, persuade consumers to be environmentally responsible by purchasing garments that don’t damage the environment. On October 30, 2022, Serein, a well-known vegan and cruelty-free brand,

Custom T-shirts from HueLabel help small businesses promote their brand locally.

In a world where big businesses have seemingly endless resources to promote their brand, local small businesses can often get lost in the shuffle. But with Huelabel, a custom printing company that specializes in T-shirt small businesses can get the branding help they

Satyyaa Patel’s love for fashion and cinema knows no bounds.

_*He also highlights how after becoming a well-known fashion personality in Gujarat, he now wants to create a phenomenal pan-India name for himself.*_ A closer look around will let people see the constant advancements and developments taking place across industries worldwide. These developments

Leheriya – One Stop Solution for Pure & Rich Indian Fabrics at Affordable Rates

An online store named Leheriya having a website sells Indian Women’s Ethnic Wear like Salwar Suits and Dupattas. With the one and only platform – Leheriya, pure and rich Indian fabrics have become more affordable. There is hardly any Physical Store or an

Manpreet Saluja The Rising Star

Yes, we are talking about Manpreet saluja who is from Indore. A well know Creator, Influencer and actor. She have Influenza lot of people in our world to be a successful person. The way she is she is blessed with a lot of

A life of an artist and her thoughts that can inspire many people..

Question 1- Can you please tell us about your collaboration with ArtLife Gallery, Noida?As you are planning to open your new branch in Noida! – Well, yes we are planning to open a branch in Noida. We are very glad and grateful to

Noun’s newest fashion collection is filled with good-for-your-soul dresses that you need

Only a few apparel brands are innovative and curative towards their customers. Women’s clothing brands have made the latest efforts to bring something new to the table. Owned by Camaraderie International, Noun is an online store that does it even better. After viewing

Archana Jain talks about her Brand, India Brainy Beauty.

Here is a saying by Gautam Buddha  “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” When life intervened, I was forced to give up my “safe” and “secure” Business. I had to choose: did I want

Meet Lakshmi Priyanka Chowdhary – the latest writing sensation from Sindhanur

Lakshmi Priyanka Chowdary is the emerging literary star from Sindhanur, Raichur, Karnataka, India. She is a budding poet and has already worked as a co-author in over 6 anthologies. Lakshmi is also a passionate baker and a BCA graduate. Lakshmi Priyanka Chowdary hails

Asif Ansari – Founder of A3 garments and a man who looks the world through a unique lens

Great things need no grand launches or huge investments. They require never-ending efforts, a never-say-die attitude, a character with boundless patience and faith, and, most importantly, a positive attitude that believes in a better tomorrow. This is the story of Asif Ansari, a

Gayithri- Mrs Unity Queen of India

Women are capable and they possess all that’s required to change the world and the course of the way things usually happen. Their determination and efforts have the power to perform miracles and even make the impossible possible. They are multi talented and

Next-Gen Computer-Aided Design Solutions by CADWORKS INDIA 

Technology is evolving quickly with continuous improvements The increasing use of CAD software has made the user think differently. The benefits of 3D CAD are endless, and it is a real game-changer for many companies that are using it to improve their work,

VedoMax helps us to know the importance of medicinal herbs 

They are also gearing up to raise funds for future expansion. They are planning to launch in UAE and Australia. The company aims to raise $5 – $10 million in Series A Round.  What is the main challenge for VedoMax? Co-Founder “Farhan” –

Donkey song by RSingh

R Singh (ranjit Singh) is a singer who born in village Bariar, Bholth district of Kapurthala. He lives in America now.  He started his music career when he was young. Whenever he heard the music, it motivated him to write his own lyrics.

Talenticaa Mr India International and Miss India Global 2022, Successfully done with style and grace.

Mumbai- Talenticaa Miss India Global and Mr India International successfully done at the beautiful auditorium of CIDCO Convention Center, Navi Mumbai on 13th May 2022, Friday. 12 male and 12 female models from different parts of India participated and 3 female and 4