July 5, 2022

Books mould the personality of an individual and authors are the creators of these most valuable gems. There are some amazing writers out there, who are so good that they deserve the recognition. Today, we have some established authors who we want to be recognised. Below, you will get to read about them and also may get to read their best written work.

Who are the top 15 established Indian Authors and their inspiring literary journey?

The top 15 established Indian Authors and their inspiring literary journey to becoming a successful published author are Durjoy Dutta, Trina Kanungo, Sankalp Mirani, Abishek CB, Achal Mogla, Mrityunjay, Rithika, Dishari Neogy, Abhilash Tewari, Naaz Manchanda, Rishu, Krishika Lekhrajani, S.Harin Siddhantha, Shubham Shah, and Ishani Agarwal.

Durjoy Dutta

Durjoy Datta is an Indian novelist, screenwriter and entrepreneur. He has four shows, Sadda Haq – My Life, My Choice, Million Dollar Girl – From Banaras to Paris on Channel V India, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi on Sony TV and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera on Star Plus to his credit.He is one among the best selling writers in contemporary India. He is a regular at TEDx talks and conferences in colleges pan-India and often invited as a guest speaker across the country. He has also written for blogs like Miss Malini and That’s So Gloss.

Trina Kanungo

Trina loves painting and she is an ardent lover of Indian fine arts and folk arts. She loves to explore various crude artforms in various states . She has also participated in various anthologies in English and Bengali Literature. Tagore is always an inspiration to her. Lastly, being a fitness freak, she is a trained student in Indian cultural Yoga, and has won champions’ trophy at university level in inter college Yoga championship in 2014 at ISM Dhanbad.

Trina feels blessed that God has given her a chance to work with a number of voluntary groups and NGOs who are directly working in the forefront since the Covid 19 pandemic has started. She simply tries to back up these units so that they can continue with their good work for those people stuck in the remote and rural areas, during the lockdown . They provide basic food items, medicinal kit, clothes, sanitary napkins to the needy ones. Trina is grateful to God that she got a chance to work for such a cause.

Sankalp Mirani

Sankalp Mirani is the Hindustan Times and CBFC’s bestselling author of more than 5 novels, and the Reta® award winning writer of the literary TV show A PUN ON WORDS. He also writes urban fantasy under the pen name Improvkaar. His work has won critical acclaim, and prestigious awards, been optioned for television, and published in 28 countries. Sankalp lives in Nagpur with his parents and friends, where he is hard at work on his next novel.

” Functionality comes by working”.

Abhishek CB

Abishek Balakumar is a handsome Indian children’s author and content marketer. He is well-known for his exceptional writing ability, which draws the young reader in and allows them to experience the fantastic world he built in his most recent novel, “Before the Flames Could Rest.” Abishek CB is a well-known name among younger readers and he is very active on LinkedIn. His children’s short stories often become the subject of gossip among readers. He was born in Chennai and has always enjoyed writing. He completed his engineering degree and went on to seek a business management degree. He began his career at Amazon Development Center India Pvt Ltd and Aspire Systems before moving on to Ameex Technologies as a Senior Content Writer, where he is still working on many children’s books and establishing a creative writing career. 𝗛𝗶𝘀 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗿𝗱 𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗹, “𝗔𝗯𝗶 & 𝗞𝗮𝘁𝘁,” 𝘄𝗵𝗶𝗰𝗵 𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝗺𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗲𝗹𝘆 𝗽𝗼𝗽𝘂𝗹𝗮𝗿 𝗼𝗻 𝘀𝗼𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝗺𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗮, 𝘄𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗯𝗲 𝗿𝗲𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝘀𝗼𝗼𝗻.

Following His Passion And Fundraising For A Cause!

Abishek Balakumar started writing his first book memoir during his final years of college. His first book ‘He Shrugged Unapologetically’ was published when he was still in college and was an instant hit, making it the bestseller of that year. A memoir at 23 is not everyone’s cup of tea, but young and top author Abishek CB did it. He has sold hundreds of copies of the book that is based on his own life. Before the Flames Could Rest’, is a YA fiction novel and a book for children. The children’s book author Abishek CB donates all the proceeds from his book to the charity. He is passionate about working for the cause of the poor in Tamil Nadu by organizing different types of fundraising activities. Abishek Balakumar published 2 books; just the beginning of his success.

Before the Flames Could Rest: Raise a Reader Campaign

Abishek balakumar has launched the initiative “Raise a Reader”: Shares the magic of reading and also supports many underprividgled kid and women. He also announced on April 29th 2022 with Pattimandram Raja that all the proceeds from the book “Before the Flames Could Rest” are going to support underprivileged children and women. More parents are signing up their newborns for a library card to give the gift of reading to their children even before they start school. You too can help Raise a Reader with the book ‘Before the Flames Could Rest’.

“Thanks to money raised at the Book Launch event direct book sales and donations, one Tamil kid will be able to attend school for a full year. In total,  ₹10,000 was raised for the charity “Before the Flames Could rest”, which aims to better the opportunities of kids and women throughout the world.” Abishek Balakumar, Childrens Author said.

“It was beyond my expectations,” Abishek said about the money raised. “We are all super excited to be giving gift days to these underprivileged kids.”

He is indeed focusing on his upcoming children’s book “Abi & Katt,” adventures, and is ready to start creating television screenplays. He hopes to be one of the country’s best authors. He may not receive as much fame and respect as he deserves, but he will one day become the author everyone is talking about.

Achal Mogla

Achal Mogla is an author and an avid reader by heart. He belongs from Ahmedabad Gujarat, born in the milk town of Anand and now settled in  Agra – Taj Mahal City of India.  He  has released three of his books  with the latest one being released  recently & you won’t like to miss the splendid messages that he delivered. His first book Salt and Pepper has touched hearts with his romantic short stories. He has a ebook named Revival written for young minds. His second book named Twisted Tales had one story written by him amongst a collection of stories. His third book Where Did I Goof Up In Life ? Living Life Without Excuses !  He also has a poetry collection book which is ebook named Ankahi baatein.

He has participated in about 30+ anthologies till now.

Being a hobbyist reader and writer, Achal Mogla has written over 200+ poems and proses for his reader audience and you can read them through his social media channels. Achal Mogla has done his B.Tech in Dairy Technology from SMC College of Dairy Science and he has done post-graduation in Management with specialisation in Human Resources from Symbiosis School, Pune. He loves interacting with people and meeting new people. He is crazy about reading books and he has a huge collection of books.Apart from reading novels, he is fond of watching movies, is a foodie by nature and loves hanging out with friends  He started writing as a hobby but gradually it turned out to be passion. Writing motivates him as it helps him to de-stress and become s more calm person . He is also a certified Handwriting Analyst .

Achievements :

Published 4 books till now., Participated in approximately 35 +anthologies and written 200+ poems on Instagram

Got featured in articles in

Jio News, Zee5.com, newsgoogle.com, Daily Hunt , edittimes.in, entrepreneurethics.com, indiaethics.com, atolalinks.com, maxternmedia.com,  yaktimes.com, menafn.com

Got featured in e Litgleam magazine  for the  month of May 2021 as author of the month and July 2021 issue of the Twell magazine .

Receipent of

 Attainers Award – Best Writer 2021

Secrets Award – Debut Author 2021

Lime light Award – Best Writer 2021

Acheiver Award – Best Author and Writer 2021

Prestigious Literary Award  2021


Mrityunjay, an alumnus of KIIT University made his entry with a narrative poem book, “Memorable Memoir”. The essence of first love, late-night chatting, and intense sorrow made it popular among the readers. His style of satirically bringing emotion with the use of rhythmic words brought this book to stand out at first position in “Cherry Book Award” and “Author Pages Book Award”. He got mentioned in ET Times, Hindustan Times, Outlook, Zee5, and several other digital media platforms. Cherry Book Awards and Digital Golgappa provided him the opportunity to be a Jury member in the “International Poem Writing Competition”. He believes that story didn’t create an impact, storytelling does. This is the reason he is more into exploring different avenues regarding diverse narrating thoughts to connect with his readers. Currently, he is working on his next book which will hit the market very soon.


Rithika is a medical student, a writer, a martial artist and a dancer. She is a feminist, an animal lover and a mental health advocate. A black belt in karate and taekwondo, she holds 2 Guinness World records in taekwondo. She feels deeply about the world and writes about it. She wants to be the change she wants to see in the world and is working towards making a better world that is non-judgemental and every person can live for themselves without any obligations or fears. Her work has been published in 10 anthologies and her book Random writes is focused on her perceived flaws in society, change and the joy in small things in life.

Dishari Neogy

DISHARI NEOGY Profession – Author and Writer

Published books – “Over A Cup Of Coffee And Sunflower”, “Moonlight”, “The Blood Bond” and “The Compass”

Awards – Emily Dickinson Award, Sylvia Plath Memorial Award, Glantor X Nation Choice Award (author), Young Researcher Award from Institute of Scholars and OBP Motivational Award.

Imbued with convent principles, Miss Neogy always held Literature, an epitome of peace and morality, it soothed her turbulent mind, revamped her trait and established her both as an ‘author’ and ‘writer’.

This passionate dalliance started since her sophomore years, endured the burnt of her formative phase and eventually propelled her towards her passion. It all started eight years prior, in the author’s alma mater, Calcutta Girls’ High School, when she first recognised her inclination towards writing. With this headstrong perseverance and utmost propensity, she completed her graduation with Bachelor in English Literature from Amity University and then Master in English Literature and Language from Calcutta University.

Miss Neogy, embarked on a road, that was never much ventured into, a path mostly abandoned for mainstream professions, an alley that eternally eluded her and reformed her creative narrative. She never hoped that, Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”, would be the chronicler of her entire journey.


Withstanding the trials and tribulations of time;

The scar shrinks at the thought of an abominable future.

Her eyes moistened, her hair scintillated and her legs stumbled. Where time failed to corrode her corporal presence;

Still none could fathom her enigmatic abyss.

The recipient’s narrow-eyed despicable glare;

Betrayed her excruciating pain at the hands of the miscreant. Her skin ablaze at her soul’s heart-rendering chasm;

Her buoyancy of a stout-hearted future;

She unfettered her to transcend from ephemeral to abiding. Time never healed her agony,

But advocated her to endure it stoically,

And to make peace with her past,

With a more resigned and tranquil disposition. She looked at her with ebullience;

A phosphorescent smile smeared her face, Like a Phoenix, she unfurled her scar;

Which she so assiduously concealed from inquisitive eyes; She threw the scarf on the couch;

Smile peremptorily;

Twirled like an exhilarating firebrand,

She walked through the door in an adamantine postulation; Resolute to exhibit her flawed past;

Behind a jubilant and ecstatic smile.

Abhilash Tewari

Abhilash hails from the city of Dreams ‘Mumbai’. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Management Accountant.  Apart from identifying audit issues at work he is a vivid writer and a travel enthusiast. He has travelled to more than 100 cities across the globe and the number keeps rising with every month. He loves to explore the unexplored and that is where he derives most of his inspirations for writing. So far he has published a couple of books and Co Authored many more.

His debut book मेरे अल्फाज़ – Words that touch your heart published during the pandemic under his pen name Parimal was a huge success The book is avaialble on. https://www.yourquote.in/abhilash-t-bsh3p/books/mere-alphaaj-dn7

He has recently co-authored “Tales of heart” and “The Chroniclers of India” which are now available across all leading online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Abhilash is also a recipent of the prestigious Writers Desire Award 2022. There are also a few books he is co-authoring at the moment which would hit the shelves soon . He has been contributing to professional journals for quite some time. Apart from writing he also has a keen interest in Mentoring and coaching Students and young professionals, so far he has mentored 100+ youngsters and helped them find their way through the cross roads. He is an advoacte of Mental health and believes that a healthy mind is the key to success in any field. He is also a staunch beliver that self confidence can help you acheive all heights you aim for. On being asked about his plans for future Abhilash wants to persue his career which is currently at a pretty good stage and also focus on his writings and books. He says Writing gives you satsisfaction that you try to give yoir bit back to the world by inspisring minds. He is excited about the journey as an  author that he has just embarked and  says that even if my writing touches a handful of hearts and impacts their lives that gives him a sense of fulfilment.

He can be reached out on Instagram : @abhi861

Naaz Manchanda

Let us read one of the best content by her Titled – Emotional safety at home.

Sometimes as children they are not allowed to express their emotions in an open way. Whenever they cried, they were given things to distract themselves or were hushed. Crying Is bad they said! Why?.

Nobody thought about it.

As primary care givers, we all stop our children from experiencing negative emotions in order to make  them resilient. We tell them to boss up. We label them as whining and complaining, on first sight of their expression.

What we need is to create a safe environment,  which is trustworthy and dependable. Where they are given a chance to verbalize and process their feelings. It means to listen to them without judgement and dismissal. Not to reprimand them for their concerns.

Have conversations with them , help them differentiate between right and wrong.

Incase they witness any conflicts in family ,try to inculcate positive emotions in them by reminding them of good memories.  we as caregivers often project our emotions onto them , we also need to have a sense of control around our little ones.

We all are given a gift of empathy, let’s use it to understand the depths of our childs mind. A person who is raised in a psychologically safe environment not only feels more secure but also grows up to be a healthy adult. They have a sense of confidence and security in them. They do not seek constant external validation from the outside world. They not only create a good relationship with themselves but also with others.

As we say healthy children become healthy adults, what they see they learn. They are like sponges here to absorb their experiences and this becomes their framework of mind.

Mental health has become a major concern since pandemic and with caregivers working from home, it gives them a chance to be a part of this goal of emotional safety at home.

A child is like a flower, if given from sunlight , proper irrigation (of mind) and right kind of manure (wisdom) they’ll blossom into beautiful flowers.

So let them grow and don’t limit them.

Rishu Dev

Rishu is a passionate writer, a poet who uses writing as a tool for self improvement, for serving society and have a goal to contribute goodness,to return back kindness to world. Rishu is graduate currently working as an accountant,living in Rajasthan, Rishu loves to read books as he found books as his best friend till date,he reads books especially related to spiritualism,tech, politics, humour,interviews and biographies of great personalities,also like deep conversations on different topics.Rishu have very curious type of nature,a researcher who just passionate to explore the core of truth.In past,Rishu write 2 books on poetry named बेझिझक and बेधड़क, available on amazon. Rishu believes that he has very unique kind of life,and he want to share his experience through his writings,Rishu want to touch all part of society with his pen.In the end,He is a writer in progress so,he is thankful for your kindness.

Krishika Lekhrajani

Krishika Lekhrajani is a young writer with big dreams. She started writing at the age of 14.  Krishika recently received The Talent hunt literary awards for the year 2021. She has compiled three books as a compiler and a part of eight books as a co-author, her books as a compiler are ‘The Sky full of dreams’, ‘The Sea of Ink’ and the latest one was ‘The Purity of White Moon’. Her interview recently got published in a magazine named ‘Merged Array’ an international magazine. Her all books are live on Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Flipkart, and other book-selling platforms. She has also received many certificates, First position in the Hindi writing competition, Second position in food photography, and some compiling certificates. She has also been featured on many podcasting platforms like Spotify, Gaana, Apple Music, and more than Sixty apps like this. Her next goal is to publish solo books and list them as best-selling books on Amazon.

S.Harin Siddhantha

Warm greetings, my name is S.HARIN SIDDHANTHA. I am a medical student with a passion for poetry. Poetry helps me create an alternate universe, away from the daily life. After a long and tiring day, writing a poem feels really relaxing. It helps bring out various emotions to life and I believe it is the best way to express how one feels about a certain aspect of life. My journey as a poet started in my junior school with my teacher nourished the poet in me. With her help I was able to improve my skills and meet many amazing poets along the way whose poems have changed my perspective of viewing life as it is. From then on my poetry career has never looked back and it’s been 8 years I’ve been writing poems and I still feel the thrill of penning down a new poem every time. I would like to thank everyone who have helped me become the person I have become with a special note to my parents and my teacher Dr. Vandita Dharni, and my friends.

Shubham Shah

Shubham Shah, an entrepreneur at “Flairs & Glairs” a brand with dynamics in events organizing and cultural educational pan INDIA, is a 26yrs old guy who recently has entered the digital platform of imprinting emotions. He has initiated with his own open mic platform to help budding poets and aspiring writers under his brand named as “Teekhe Zasbaaat”

He is a commerce graduate from the Bhagalpur City of Bihar.

He states Writing has impersonated him since childhood and he has now been writing for over a decade!

Cooking, on the other hand, is his passion! He also mentions, trying out new things just tickles him!

When asked sir, Why SPICY EMOTIONS?

He smiled and added, “agar jasbaat teekhe na ho toh wo jasbaat kahan” Spices are all that blends! So do his words!

As a chef, he presents to you his dish! Hot and freshly served! Taste it! Feel it! Enjoy it! You can also find his writing in the Book “Teekhe Zasbaaat” and 50+ Co-authored anthologies. With his passion to explore opportunities across Platforms, he is working with keen devotion and We wish him all the very best for his future ventures.

He is Featured in the International Magazine DeMode for his upcoming solo novel.

He is Approved by Ne8x for its Lit Fest, and is a Golden Star Awards 2020 Winner.

He is a India Book of Records Holder for his Anthology Satrang, and has the Grandmaster title by Asia Book of Records, for the same.

He has also been featured in Prabhat Khabar, Dainik Jagran, and a lot of other Newspapers in Bihar for his achievements.

He has been a proud co-author to

India Book Of Records (Title- Black)

World Book Of Records (Title -15 Wonders of Poetries)

India Book Of Records (Title – Aaina)

Vajra World Records Holder (Title – Gustakhi Maaf Hai)

High Range of Records Holder (Title – Gustakhi Maaf Hai)

Indian Book of Records

(Title – Road from Worst to Best)

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Ishani Agarwal

Ishani Agarwal hails from the City of Joy, Kolkata. She is the co-founder of her Community “Teekhe Zasbaaat” and Flairs and Glairs Publication. Been a Compiler for 55+ Anthologies, she is in the process for more. Co-authored in 150+ Anthologies. She is a India Book of Records Holder, a Vajra World Records Holder, a High Range of Records Holder, an OMG Book of Records Holder, a Bravo Record holder, a Forever Star Book of World Records, an Indian Book of Records Holder and an Amazing Indian Records Holder.

Approved by Ne8x for its Lit Fest 2020, and Literary Icon 2020. Also a Golden Star Awards Winner 2020.

She has also been awarded with India Star Republic Award 2021, a part of She Awards by Awards Arc and Winner of Nari Samman 2021 by Literoma.

She is also selected as Best Achiever of the Year by AwardsArc, Most Challenging Compiler Award by Spectrum Awards, Most Deserving Awards by Awards by Awards Arc, best Writer of the Year by Aspirant Achievers book of Records, Appreciated as the Guest of Honour by Cherry Book Awards, and many more.

She got her first solo Published,a solo Compilation consisting of the first 750 contents of hers, titled “Hand That Burnt While Healing”.

She has been featured by the National Magazine “Taree Zameen Par” with the title ‘unstoppable’. She has been featured on the Cover of the Magazine ‘Classico Opine’ in their June Edition and has been interviewed by ‘Elysian Magazine’ for their Author Interview column in their July edition.

Also featured in the International Magazine DeMode for her upcoming solo novel, she is proud to write on social issues, and is happy with the love she is receiving.

Connect with her on Instagram: @Ishani_agarwal_quotes / @compilations_so_far

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