This is world’s most expensive French Fries (chips) that costs $200 USD


When it comes to snacking outside, French Fries happen to be everyone’s favourite that we all love indulging in with some fresh dip and chilled aerated drink. It goes really well with sandwiches, burgers, and or even makes for a perfect option for a mezze platter. This pocket-friendly snack has been recently revamped by a restaurant in the United States, and they have prepared the world’s most expensive French fries that cost almost Rs. 15k for a single portion. And if we go by reports, they have broken the world record by making this delectable Fries recipe.

As per the Guinness World Records website, Manhattan-based fast food restaurant Serendipty3 recently made it to the Guinness World Records by cooking up the ‘ultimate’ cheesy French fries – Creme de la Creme Pomme Frites.

According to the official report, “Valued at $200 USD, Creative Chef, Joe Calderone, and Corporate Executive Chef, Fredrick Schoen-Kiewert, whipped up the new food item to provide guests with a unique and delicious French fry experience.”

In the recent Instagram post by Serendipty3 they have mentioned that these fries are made with upstate Chipperbeck potatoes, Dom Perignon Champagne and J. LeBlanc French Champagne Ardenne Vinegar, Guerande truffle salt, Urbani summer truffle oil and topped with shaved Crete Senesi Pecorino Tartufello, and 23k edible gold dust. Have a look at the post:

In a recent IGTV video, the official page of GWR has mentioned that these expensive fries are served on a Baccarat Crystal plate, with a matching bowl to carry the Mornay Sauce for dipping the golden fries.

In a statement published on the website of GWR, Chef Joe Calderone , Creative Director of Serendipity3 has stated, “We are so honoured to be recognized by Guinness World Records for our creation of the world’s most expensive French fries, the Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites, and look forward to creating even more over-the-top recipes in the future.”

So, would you like to try this world’s most expensive fries? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thumb Image Courtesy: Instagram/Serendipty3nyc

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