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NEW DELHI: India on Tuesday reported 2,020 fresh Covid deaths, almost three times that of Monday’s numbers.
In the last seven days, Covid deaths in India have risen nearly 33% compared to the previous week.

However, the sudden surge in numbers is not due to fresh virus-related fatalities but because several states have started openly or tacitly acknowledging previously unreported coronavirus fatalities and adding these to the toll.
In these seven days (till Monday), Maharashtra reported 2,681 deaths, a 35.5% rise from the previous seven days.
Of these, as many as 1,812 were fatalities that had occurred earlier but were added to the toll during this period. Only 869 fatalities were “recent”.

The same is the case with other states such as Odisha, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala.
In the last seven days, Madhya Pradesh saw a 1787% jump in Covid fatalities, Odisha 30% and Kerala 4.7% compared to the previous seven days.
The massive jump in MP fatalities came after the state — which barely reported any deaths till Monday — added 1,478 fatalities as backlog on Tuesday alone.
Similarly, Odisha and Kerala have also started adding older deaths to the daily toll, sources said.
However, unlike in Maharashtra, where the number of older deaths is being acknowledged, the exercise is less transparent in the other two states, the sources added.


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