January 30, 2023

The tale of a unique love language: Return Where You Belong

The tale of a unique love language: Return Where You Belong

The newly launched romantic fiction ‘Return Where You Belong’ is a beautiful tale of two person who were unable to express their deepest feelings towards eachother. Often we assume and conclude that falling in love is something to be around with the person all the time, made so many love gestures, and stay connected with their happiness. But with this unique love story, the author Hetal Dabhi, tried to depict the reality of love languages. The childhood curse of the protagonist was heart-wrenching that anybody who’s reading it burst into tears. The depth of love between the characters was so real and easy that connects every people and made them think that they are reading about their own love life.

The author Hetal Dabhi, was a former journalist in prominent media industries in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She served as a senior sub-editor during her more than ten years of tenure. She also holds a degree in English literature as well as Classical Kathak dance. Her love for Animals was a wake up alarm when she noticed people are abusing street dogs and pictures she saw on the internet about pity full situation of Animals in the zoos.

She then gave up her last job and learned creative writing to sharpen her skills The Art of Writing and decided to start her first novel in 2021. Even though there were several difficulties she had faced before and after the start, she finally succeeded to bring her dream into the market. The only purpose of her writing novel is to bring awareness into the society with the earning of her novel towards the animals.

She already has adopted seven different street dogs and taking care of them with medicines, food, and shelter. She wants to build a chain of Animal protection in various cities where people can join hands to serve the Animals with her spending her 50 per cent of earnings from novel and her writing. So, if you are finding an abstract but unique love story to read, Return Where You Belong is your one stop destination. She has already started working on her next novel – Give me Ten Good Reasons.

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