“The success story of Rajan Nandwani, Managing Director of Karthi Wealth Infotech Limited.”

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. Simultaneously, opportunities don’t occur. You only create them. The same goes with Rajan Nandwani, the Managing Director of Karthi Wealth Infotech Limited, who, with his continuous creation of opportunities and chores, is flying high & running the world with his entrepreneurial opportunities.

Rajan Nandwani is a 34-year-old average man from India who started working as a “Network Marketer” at 18. Further on, he joined the textiles business, but the lack of interest brings him to entrepreneurial opportunities in 2016. Every startup usually suffers many hurdles and losses; likewise, Rajan Nandwani also suffers from the same. But, after trying out heaps of new strategies and wasting hundred-dollar bills in opportunities, he could finally make online money. He started earning very little initially, but he never knew that it is just the beginning of his success.

He started his business with just two people. Now, there are lots of people working with him and earning more than enough. Not only does this, but he also began exploring the entire world with his income from entrepreneurial opportunities. In 2016, he registered his company “KARTHI WEALTH INFOTECH LIMITED,” also known as “PARAMHANS INFOTEC LIMITED, ” which was noteworthy. 

More and more, it’s growing and paying back even more important with bigger goals and helping more guys make their dreams into reality just like him with their up-to-date information and through entrepreneurial opportunities.

Rajan Nandwani belonged to a middle-class family from the city of Silk, Surat. Since childhood, he was always told to study harder, acquire good marks, get a job and make a lot of money. And he did that – excluding the process of making a lot of money. Indeed, the way to the top is paved with passion, chores, and struggles, clear from Rajan Nandwani’s story. He is offering a product, i.e., ALLYWEALTH, through which anyone can make a lot of money and can make your dreams come true. Whether you’re working, home-maker, experience, fresher, content creator, influencer – ALLYWEALTH offers entrepreneurial opportunities to everyone in the entire world.

With the ever-increasing demand for services and punctuality in work, Information technology has become an inevitable part of human life. 

To fill the gap between the service demand and punctuality, Mr Rajan Nandwani has introduced many automation-based I.T services which can be used for business and can act as a business growth tool too. 

Mr. Rajan took the initiative to make the taxation services convenient and reachable to every possible person in India by launching GST Suvidha KENDRA. This was a big turn for those who encountered it. It was a business opportunity and, for some, a stop for all tax-related services with accuracy. We also have Cygnet Infotech Limited as our alliance partner.

To encourage the use of technology and spread the essence of ease, referrals are encouraged and awarded. Mr.Rajan came up with Ally Wealth as one of the best affiliate marketing platforms in India. This has been an excellent opportunity for every individual to generate income without any tedious tasks. The logo itself symbolizes the never-ending growth and prosperity in finance.

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs:

Do not ever compromise with your dreams. Never lose your self-confidence. Believe in yourself and start creating your entrepreneurial opportunities. Third, always stick to what you know. Moreover, make a solid business plan and accept challenges in your life because if you do so, only you can make a lot of money.

So, suppose you think you can also become an entrepreneur. In that case, there is an enormous opportunity not only for the youngsters but for everyone whosoever wants to make a lot of money to build their ultimate digital lifestyle working from home by joining the product of “ALLYWEALTH” offered by our company, i.e., “KARTHI WEALTH INFOTECH LIMITED.” If you want to get in touch with him directly for anything, possibly for an entrepreneurial opportunity, any pocket-friendly offers, etc., feel free to get in touch with him at

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