The story of finance, corporate, education, and mentorship expert – Kaushik Ganguli

Kaushik Ganguli (b 1969) is a Senior Finance Professional with 27 years total experience with Corporate, Education and Mentorship. He is a Fellow Chartered Accountant from India and a Chartered Management Accountant from UK. His work experience includes stints with Hindustan Unilever and Tata Group, which spans two decades of high quality world class, best in class experience.
He has also evolved a parallel teaching/ mentoring/ counselling career along with his work from 2006 onwards as a Tata Administrative Service Mentor, Business School Industry Guest Faculty/ Mentor. He is also a trained personal counsellor from NCEB, Kolkata. Over the last 2.5 yrs, he has counselled and mentored more than 100 persons singly and more than 1500 persons in groups through his company Single Minded EduServe.From a young age, Kaushik has been a prolific writer and has won prizes and citations galore as a writer, essayist and a poet. Amongst his past achievements are:- Publishing in Anthologies (Poetry Competition organized by British Council in 1993)- Multiple writings in ‘The Statesman’ in ‘Now and Again’ section in 2002-04 with short articles trending with the times.His areas of interest include fiction, nonfiction (management writings, personal finance, business communication, personal competencies), sports (cricket, football) and poetry.
Kaushik is married with two children, and is settled in Kolkata, India. His other interests include reading, quizzing, travel and music.Kaushik’s first book was released in August 2020 titled ‘Rhyme of the Century’, a collection of 52 poems of Places, People and Thoughts which became a best seller on Amazon within two weeks of release, peaking at No 11 on the Anthologies section.His anthology participation has spanned two books ‘Harmonious Symphonies II’ and ‘4 Ever’. Both these books also became Amazon best sellers in their respective categories and have earned a name amongst readers in India and abroad.All these books have been published by Books Clinic in association with Soulitaire, an exclusive publishing, training and talent portal. Kaushik hereby expresses his gratitude and humility to Soulitaire for having been given a forum to show his talent. His forthcoming book for release in early 2022 is also on the same lines as ‘Rhyme of the Century’. Other works are also in the pipeline.

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