“The only way to change is to get up and take action”, Ridhi Jain

Ridhi Jain . is a highly accredited and celebrated nutritionist and fitness expert based in Ghaziabad, NCR, with over one lakh social media followers across various platforms. She is also the founder of her fitness label  ‘Ridhi Jain Fitness’, under which she provides customized diet and fitness plans to her clients. Ridhi is an awarded and certified nutritionist and has undergone her nutrition & fitness programs from distinguished Institutes based in California, the USA, and India, from highly accredited coaches and nutrition experts.

With an experience of more than a decade in the fitness industry in different fitness formats and complete knowledge, Ridhi has helped clients with all body types, medical requirements, allergies, medical conditions like PCOS, PCOD, Type I and Type II Diabetes and Thyroid and built a lifestyle, that now they enjoy without cutting on diets, without compromising on parties and without having them to avoid much of their cravings.

She intends to simplify the food & nutrition science that has otherwise become very complex owing to the various fad diet trends, for which almost everyone is falling prey. She believes in the fact that it’s never about weight goals but about health goals. Many people are of the assumption that thin equals healthy and fat equals unhealthy. But it isn’t always the case. A low level of fitness can be more harmful to our health.

Ridhi believes, “A healthy lifestyle should not come at the cost of enjoying your lives, but by building a mindset with the correct information and proper knowledge.

Either one wants to lose weight or gain weight, it’s equally challenging in both cases, and all the challenges and efforts that we think are just in our minds. 

Ridhi deeply believes and always has to say to her clients, “The only way to change your present situation is to get up & take action.”

Ridhi is on a mission to help 1 Billion people across the globe by influencing them to change their habits for a healthy and fit living by providing customized fitness and diet plans.

Ridhi Jain’s Diet & Fitness plans are specially designed for varying needs and particular medical conditions of clients like PCOS, Type – 1 and 2 Diabetes, Thyroid, Post pregnancy etc. which includes Unlimited substitutes of the meals, extraordinarily flexible & easy to follow plans that can mould according to your routine, regular follow-ups and motivation to make sure that you follow the fitness plan and dedicated recipes for all the meals prescribed.

Ridhi also provides the customized services under diet and fitness family plans which includes 

Mother – Daughter Package (For Daughters Under – 18 years only) where a particular package is also dedicated to all the loving mothers and their beautiful daughters 

 Couple Packages where the couple can complement and support each other to stay healthy and happy with customized fitness and diet plans designed especially for couples.

Pre–Bridal Toning Program where the bride can fit best in their expensive wedding outfit and get clicked for photos of their lifetime by shaping up and toning up the program, specially designed for brides.

Post Pregnancy Toning Program -It helps the mother’s body strengthen with the proper nutrition and fitness to prepare herself for a fantastic transformation to fit back into her pre-pregnancy clothes and look fantastic.

Ridhi has helped over more than 1000+ clients across the globe from countries like the USA, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, Lebanon, Canada, Germany etc., in achieving their fitness goal and transforming their lives for good, which has significantly impacted not only their workings but also leading to a better family & social life. Changing to a healthy lifestyle should be our common goal, especially during these trying times amid pandemics, but if you are confused and thinking where to begin, then keep yourself healthy and updated. Do check out Ridhi on her social media handles. Your one-stop solution for your customized diet plan is just a message away!

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Instagram: @nutritionist_ridhi_jain



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