The Guide to Bringing Family Members on Student Visas

Article By Varun Iyer – Study Abroad Educational Consultant, GoToUniversity

Being married with children is a position that often leaves one in a sort of limbo state where they are forced to juggle the many responsibilities and stresses of running a household with the pressing need to further one’s education by attending classes. It can be stressful at times, but there are plenty of countries that allow dependents who are on partner visas to stay within certain city limits while their partners attend classes. GoToUniversity , the best study abroad portal, is here to tell you major things about bringing family with student visas.

There is no age for education which is why many aspirants who are married and have the child look forward to achieving their educational goals by studying abroad. While it’s difficult to leave a family behind and go all alone for higher education, there are many countries that welcome dependents to stay with partners who go on a student visa.

 Countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA allow student visa holders to bring their spouse and child while they complete their studies. This helps students in managing things but also makes sure they do not have to worry about multitasking while they study. When you study abroad, there are many things like taking care of the home, bringing home supplies and others. These things get eliminated when one has their family with them. Students, who have their families near, focus more on their studies and score better grades.

It must also be noted that a spouse holding a dependent visa could not just accompany but also work within the given legal rights. The given legal rights are ample for a spouse to work within the prescribed limit. A spouse can contribute towards making the family more financially stable because studying abroad can be tough on the pocket.

People who decide to continue their study at later stages of life often comes with their family. Their family also includes children. Children who are at an age where they must start their education put some extra pressure on parents. Parents have to find a suitable school for the admission of their children. Some countries also offer free education till secondary education in public schools. You must research beforehand if the country you are studying or planning to study allows free education of children in public schools.

While studying abroad is one of the best ways to gain international exposure, it is equally great for your spouse or children. In case your spouse is also working, working abroad will benefit their resume and career. Such international exposure makes the candidate more fit for their dream job. Not just spouses, when your children study at international school, they are also exposed to numerous cultures and grow with better soft skills than others.

In this way, dependent visa holders could support the living expenses. GoTo University, the best study abroad portal, has done all the research and put most information in this blog. This is for an informational purpose only and all requirements and policies are to be checked with the respective authorities. If you are finding it hard to find exact information on the policies of taking family while you study, you can get professional help with GoTo University. Contact them for more information.

Varun Iyer – Study Abroad Educational Consultant, GoToUniversity

As a study abroad educational consultant, Varun has been guiding students with different academic backgrounds for various countries like Canada, Ireland, UK, the USA, New Zealand, Europe. He has more than 7 years of experience in study abroad and educational counseling for various programs such as Business, Engineering, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc. He worked in Dubai where he helped multicultural students from various curriculums to study at top global universities such as Waterloo, York, Ryerson, Amsterdam, Queen Mary, KCL, Edinburgh, TU Berlin, TCD, UCD, Monash, CMU, NUI, Galway and many more.

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