Mr. Dileshwar Singh Patil(Founder) and Mr. Mehul Jain(Chief Marketing Officer) endeavours to expand the brand “The Chainsmokers” and its merchandise. The vision of Mr. Dileshwar and Mr. Mehul is to make “The Chainsmokers” a Global Brand to widen the scope of the Indian Hospitality Industry worldwide. The current mission is to boost the Indian economy by providing a trustworthy platform and support to the macro and micro-businesses of the hospitality industry. Also, to become a reason to create a route of monetary flow from overseas to the local Indian market.

The brand aims to become a benchmark and a reason to generate employment opportunities for the people of India to make the world a better place for them. The Chainsmokers is a group of young people who empower the food & hospitality sector of India by various promotional techniques.

The theme of the cafe “The Chainsmokers” is very peaceful as the ambiance and the environment just gives the customer a very peaceful vibes by making them forget about the hardship of their lives and things get hyped up as the cafe consists of neon lights and smoke effects. The USP of this venture is they are also into their own merchandise store named ‘The Monkey Store’, where you get the huge collection of T-shirts, Hoodies, cell phone customised covers, Neon signages, Bands, Caps and many more seasonal trendy accessories. Also there is an assured return gift on some minimum billing across all the outlets from the merchandise.  ‘The Monkey Store’ name originated from the brand’s logo and its parent company ‘The Chainsmokers Cafe’.The venture is focusing to expand their lineups to 50+ outlets across PAN India by the end of financial year.

The brand also holds few more subsidiaries which include :

– (Marketing and PR agency)

– Chaos (food and beverages distribution agency)

– The Chainsmokers events and entertainments (artist management and event planner)

If we talk about the weekends “The Chainsmokers” cafe is to spend your holidays peacefully with live music. We have 16 outlets in running which have proven tremendous success, yet we are spreading nationwide with a tremendous amount of speed. We are operating in different states of India, including;

Himachal Pradesh

Jammu and Kashmir


Madhya Pradesh


Gujrat and many more in line up.

11 March 2020 was the global pandemic date when lots of things got different worldwide. People lost their loved ones and lost their passions, but still, at that time, Mr. Dileshwar stood firm and was a source of light in these tremendous dark eras of time. By opening his own brand, he became the reason for the livelihood of many people and at the same time being the reason for peace for a tremendous amount of people by providing them with a peaceful environment through his brand “The Chainsmokers.”

The motive of establishing “The Chainsmokers” cafe was to develop a friendly menu that is highly economical yet, providing a fantastic ambiance for their customers and live music shows and merchandise on every billing as a gift.

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