Websites have reigned supreme for years, but now there’s a new contender for online marketing: sales funnels. For the smarter marketers, websites have been largely replaced by sales funnels, and your company needs a solid funnel to guarantee success

There are two huge advantages to sales funnels:

1.         They allow you to target prospects and put them through a very specific funnel to achieve a very specific results (more sales, more sign-ups, etc.)

2.         You can measure performance at every level, so it’s very clear what elements are working, and where there is room for improvement.

With the constant rise in the use of the internet, the use of technologies has gradually risen in the recent era as well. India is placed among the top three economies of the world in terms of the number of customers using their digital services globally. India has the largest number of social media users. India has been gradually excelling in the Ecommerce industry since 2013 and have eventually doubled up their internet users from approximately 230 million to 540 million..

Praveen Vashisth, says, “We are a team of very skilled professionals with great knowledge of Sales Funnels. Our agenda is to create a better selling experience for the users worldwide. We have been operating our business in Canada, US, Australia and UK as well.”

Quality is its Hallmark

Praveen says that, “he works on designing advanced solutions for Funnels UI/UX

experience. All of our designers intend to work on providing the best service by innovating. Speaking of our services, we offer Great Sales Funnel Journey

I always try to innovate more and provide the best services. I firstly develop what their consumers want and how they want that. I am highly skilled and bring the dreams of the consumers into reality. The major factor for the success is our skilfully dedicated Revenue we Generate for Our Customers . I even offer technical support to any issues that our consumer’s face while using it.

Management Profile And Services Rendered

The designing team of the company has been doing much research in order to strengthen their grounds over their markets. Praveen have strong management facilities which eventually bolster their service. Praveen says that, “We have a strong management system which makes us one of the largest economies in the UI/UX industry. Our management system is responsible solely for our success.”

Roadmap for the Future

Praveen is very much determined to achieve a better future. They are having digitalization of most companies and industries at the present which the company looks forward to as a positive sign for. They are looking further to provide their services to many other countries. Pixelonic is more over aiming to gain more recognition globally and provide even better services to its customers.

Praveen concludes, “I Started with a Vision to Solve the Problems of Quality Designed Funnels Individually and Today we have a team of more than 15 Peoples who are experts in Different Fields , Today we not only making 6 Figures but also help other small business owners to Generate Same Revenue for their Businesses.”

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