Top 25 Most Deserving Writers of India

A pen is mightier than a sword and some of the contemporary writers have the power to create a big impact on the readers with their magical words. Here, we have picked the top 25 Most Deserving Writers from India. NAAZ NAYIM Naaz,

Success Story Of Chandan Singh Rathore: World’s Leading Serial Entrepreneur Who Started Young, Now Rising High

Chandan Singh Rathore is an Indian Digital Entrepreneur and Business Coach, he is one of the top-rated Young Entrepreneurs in India. He helped many local Indian businesses to grow their business. He was deeply influenced by his father who held a respected position

Let’s know about Himikka Kawatra, a successful artist!

Name: Himikka Kawatra Height: 4ft Eye colour: Brown Hobbies: Dance, Reading Novels, Listening to Music, Acting Dream: To be an Actor and earn so much that I can fulfil everything that my parents want. Work experience: Photoshoots, TV AdShort people: We maintain a

Vastu Expert & Numerologist tips from renowned Mr Akshit Kapoor

Mr Akshit Kapoor is a Civil Engineer and a Numerologist. He began his Entrepreneurial Foray In The Construction Industry, starting as a contractor to the government. Some Of The Major Projects Executed By him Include Aiims In Rishikesh, Metro Lines In Delhi, Indonesian

Sateesh Patil wins an International award for his classic novel ‘In the Name of Queen’

AWARD FOR BEST BOOK IN FICTION: Author Sateesh Patil wins an International award for the book in Fiction for the title – In the Name of Queen awarded by YATHA KATHA INTERNATIONAL FILM & LITERATURE FEST. The book has been nominated along with

Faridabad to Mumbai, Journey of a small town boy to Mumbai as a Film Director – Producer

The Indian film industry, famously known as Bollywood, is the largest in the world, and has major film studios in Mumbai (Bombay), Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Between them, they turn out to make more than 1000 films a year to hugely appreciative audiences

rageNyou fashion’s SuperModel of India concludes at Goa

rageNyou fashion’s SuperModel of India concludes at Goa on 29th November. The contest that happened in Jubilate Lawns, Goa was directed by award-winning Show Director and Event organizer Jiss Victor, who is also the managing director of rageNyou Fashion. His love for fashion

सवाई माधोपुर की सीमा मीणा ने मिसेज एशिया इंडिया 2021 फर्स्ट रनरअप का खिताब जीता

राह में थी चुनौतियां, सहयोग मिला तो पाई मंजिल : सीमा मीणा सवाई माधोपुर के छोटे से गांव सेलू के मथुरालाल मीणा की पुत्रवधू एवं भरजा नदी गाँव की बेटी सीमा मीणा ने मिसेज एशिया इंडिया 2021 फर्स्ट रनरअप का खिताब जीता |

Exciting and Lucrative Careers in Sunrise Sector of Digital Media: Arena Geeta Bhawan, Indore.

Indore-based leading Design School Arena Geeta Bhawan (HID) is one of the most trusted digital media education destinations across central India. Its Founder and CEO, Sanjay Khimesara, is such a name that, with his farsightedness and belief in the technological revolution, he decided

‘GuruCool’ Isn’t the name interesting?

Don’t worry the content and the creator both are interesting too! ‘GuruCool’ is a Hinglish Language Infotainment Podcast by Gursant Singh Bakshi. Fire Engineer by profession He started GuruCool in March,2020. “A large segment of Indian population is Younger in age and have

Mentorbrick – The best mentoring platform for every individual’s specific needs

Mentorbrick is an education start-up that aspires to create the world’s largest mentorship community by bringing together mentors and mentees under one roof so that anyone may receive mentorship from top mentors and receive individualised career advice. Mentors, of course, can provide any

Enhance career | Online class | Corporate Training. New year offer at just 750 PM.

LearningShade is an online platform to learn advanced English, syllabus courses, computer knowledge, analytical skills and leadership skills from top-notch corporate trainers. It is pretty evident that people from tier 2 & tier 3 cities have a tough time getting the job. It

Writing about Untold Characters from India’s Past

The term Mythology comes from myth, and like our ancient Indian epics, many characters are lost in myths. Priyanka Bhuyan is one such writer who is trying to delve into the characters of India’s past which were never spoken before. Her latest offering-Duryodhan’s

Sha Pillai gets Recognised in the Fashion, Fitness and Education Industry.

Sha Pillai has been continuously working on the cause of social development and social issues. He is standing against all the odds. Sha Pillai is currently working as Chief Operating Officer at Arabian Sea Engineers and has done exceptionally well in other fields.

Imperfections – by Shabbir Mirza

Shabbir Mirza, a freelance model and actor from Kolkata, India, loves to share his thoughts and stories because he firmly believes that stories change people perceptions about life, the art of living. The following article is His thoughts on Imperfections in Humans. Perfection


Entrepreneurs work long hours, unlike most people. The key to being a successful entrepreneur is getting things done as it requires extensive concentration, patience, perseverance, and willpower, and the traits described above need a periodic reset, which can only be achieved by taking