Rs 23,999 To Replace Sluggish Affordable Laptops?

[ad_1] The general perception around Google Chromebooks, irrespective of brand or how much it cost, is one that hovers around the premise of simple and uncomplicated computing. Students and e-learning are scenarios often mentioned. And so are folks who use the Google ecosystem

Zoom Finally Gets A Standalone App For Chromebooks, Comes As A Progressive Web App

[ad_1] Two things that saw a growing market due to the COVID-19 pandemic-led shift to virtual work, school, and play are video conferencing software’s and Chromebooks. While Zoom took the lion’s share of attention when it came to video conferencing, Chromebooks came as

Chromebook Users Should Not Update Their Computers To Latest Chrome OS: Here’s Why

[ad_1] Chromebook. Image used for representation. Some users also reported that even doing the basic things like typing, navigating around the UI, and opening apps seem to grind the PC to a halt. Google recently launched Chrome OS version 91.0.4472.147 update for Chromebook

Opera Browser Now Optimised for Chromebooks: What’s New

[ad_1] Opera has announced that its browser of the same name has become “world’s first alternative browser optimised for Chromebooks” following the latest update. The new version of the browser brings an in-built VPN and ad-blocker that already exists on Windows-specific browser. It