Digital marketing is not only emerging, but it is also connecting businesses from around the world together. Nowadays, Generation Z is popping up with a new strain of entrepreneurs that are constantly pushing for innovation to meet various business community requirements.

The majority of individuals have to go through a lot of hardship and put in a lot of effort to be successful in life. Here’s the journey of a dreamer with huge aspirations and a brilliant plan to change the face of digital marketing forever—Mr. Sanjay Gupta. He is a leading and successful digital marketing expert from the city of joy, Kolkata, who has made his way to the moon with his skills to achieve his dream and digital marketing abilities.

Mr. Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of ViaPocket Solutions, has a lot to say about his digital marketing success. He is an entrepreneur by trade and a natural dreamer. He says that “In digital marketing, the three thumb rules should be to make an effort to get realistic ideas, understand and put those ideas into practice, have faith in your strategies, and finally implement the plan.” He has attributed his achievements to his commitment and hard work.


Mr. Sanjay Gupta, an alumnus of Air Force School (BKP) in Kolkata, is an MBA in Marketing & Sales and a Google Certified Professional in Online Marketing. Furthermore, he holds certifications from RED-HAT in Hardware Network Engineering & CCNA. He has over 14 years of expertise in various fields, including Media & Entertainment, Education, Real Estate, and Manufacturing.

In addition, he built up a solid network of contacts and referrals throughout India. SEO, PPC, Google Local SEO, Social Media Advertising, and Content Development are just a few of his specialties. He is a seasoned Digital Marketing Consultant, comes highly recommended by his clients.

Early life

He’s been tirelessly working towards making his aspirations come true for the past many years. When he first began out as a digital novice, he didn’t have the funds or resources.  But he has the knowledge, experience, determination and self-belief. His path had been fraught with difficulties and setbacks from the start. In reality, he’s the mastermind behind many great ventures. After quitting a secure job with a big brand in India, he has built his own digital marketing company.

Sanjay is resolutely working to bring about a massive change in the relevant industrial sector to achieve even greater heights. As a result of his exclusivity, he’s become one of Kolkata’s top-rated digital marketers. Several media outlets have acknowledged his diligent efforts, and as a consequence, he’s been featured in numerous well-known publications also.

Some thoughts

According to recent studies, India’s digital marketing sector is expanding growing at a rate of 25-30% each year. India has the world’s most significant number of people who use social media. As a result, focusing just on one area of digital marketing will not yield ideal results. According to Mr. Gupta a digital marketer creates opportunities rather than looking for them.

With his belief in the existence of many different ways to define one’s digital marketing success, Mr. Gupta chooses the road of perseverance that includes diligence and expertise. Sanjay adds, “No one can know everything, but I believe I can provide something that will be beneficial to you in this particular scenario.”

Mr. Sanjay Gupta a guy from Kolkata, India, both a skilled digital marketer and a lifelong student, has a lot to offer to us. His insights are a priceless resource for aspiring digital marketers just starting. He believes that constant learning is the secret of success. – LinkedIn – Website

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