Success Story Of Chandan Singh Rathore: World’s Leading Serial Entrepreneur Who Started Young, Now Rising High

Chandan Singh Rathore is an Indian Digital Entrepreneur and Business Coach, he is one of the top-rated Young Entrepreneurs in India. He helped many local Indian businesses to grow their business. He was deeply influenced by his father who held a respected position in a leading company. As a child, he would frequently visualize himself running an organization, delivering presentations and above all, leading people. In 2011, when he learned about Steve Jobs, he was pulled through by his personality and visionary endeavours. Clueless of the fact that his own life would take the same route, Jobs life greatly motivated his actions.

In 2018, Chandan Singh founded his first social media marketing firm. The company catered to local companies and assisted them in building their social media presence through apps and websites. It extended call-to-call mentorship to recent startups and budding entrepreneurs. Chandan also founded an online business magazine. This publication included marketing ideas, business case studies, and personal growth as well as mindset growth.

Today, the 20-year old entrepreneur is the founder and CEO of Imparavel India Limited which is a leading software development company. Besides, the company’s first advanced project ‘Réunion’ which is under development and seeks to connect people globally through a virtual platform where people can host events, parties, live streams and publish educational content, the company provides web and app development facilities to leading brands. It also plans to launch an advanced job search platform based in future.

“Imparavel seeks to provide growth and learning opportunities with a high customer-centric approach through its educational, social media and live streaming platforms globally” adds Chandan Singh. He is the Founder and CEO of one of the India’s leading online business magazine. In which he cover the marketing strategies, business case studies and more about your mindset growth as well as your personal wealth growth.

Since 2019, Chandan Singh has been a key player in Indian IT Industry, he didn’t stop when he was not generating any revenue, and today his $0 startup is the Most Valuable Software Developing Company In Aisa

He has been Featured on many news publications as India and Asia’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer.


  • ‌CEO of the Year 2021 by  Indian Business Achievers Awards
  • ‌CEO of the Year 2021 by Indian Achievers’ Awards 2021
  • ‌India’s Young Entrepreneur & Visionary In Business Networking by India Icon Awards 2021
  • ‌Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Indian Glory Awards 2021
  • ‌Young CEO of the Year by Global Choice Awards 2021
  • ‌Young CEO of the Year by Global Business Icons 2022

Chandan Singh passionately believes that with a good mindset, clear goal and 100% focus one can achieve anything in their life. Particularly, age is no bar to success. Recently, the Global Choice Awards named him ‘Young CEO of the Year, 2021’ for his outstanding contributions in the field of app and software development. He is also the only entrepreneur in the world to win the three ‘CEO of the Year’ titles in one year. He is truly an inspiration for the youth and one must learn from him, that age doesn’t matter to achieve success

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