Sublimis Technologies Perceives the Vision of Digital India

Sublimis Technologies, a startup formed with the vision to revolutionize the M/SME Ecosystem through Digital Roadmap, is a SaaS / Enterprise product Company in the IT space that caters complete business transformation and automation of the industries making them cost efficient through greater market participation, process automation, and remote workplaces. It helps business owners through technological solutions and implementation in rapidly changing environments.

Sublimis Technologies help entrepreneurs, business leaders, companies across verticals in Digital Transformation, E-commerce and Business Automation Solutions Using Technology as an Enabler to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and increase in their Technology Return on Investment (ROI) by implementing the right solution for business.

Mr. Karthik Venkataraman the CEO and the Co-Founder, Mr. Pankaj Gautam CIO & Co-Founder, Mr. Avtar Singh Matharu CTO and Co-Founder and Mr. Kaushal Ranpura CPO & Co-Founder have hands-on experience in implementing continuous process improvements, leveraging technology, delivering operations and customer service excellence. Thus they come with a good mix of Business, Technology, UI & UX capabilities and having over 90 plus years of experience amongst the four of them (Founding Members) They are people managers with a proven track record in managing teams.

Holding an expertise in excellent relationship skills with vendors, suppliers and clients, Mr. Pankaj has a vision to have a more Digitally Connected World & successful planet, working together with partners & clients to provide creative & innovative solutions to help their business transform successfully on the digital roadmap in the M/SME sector.

Mr. Karthik elaborates that the idea is to work closely with the SMEs in India   to help their digital strategy and contribute to the Vision of Digital India. His passion made him lay the foundation of Sublimis Technologies with his other co-founders

Sublimis has designed two disruptive and innovative global products namely, ePorium (B2B SaaS Ecommerce Platform) and Brahmaand (Enterprise/SaaS   based   Travel   Leisure   Holiday   ERP   Platform).   Both the platforms have tailormade crafting, end-to-end automation, flexible and easily configurable features allowing clients to choose exactly what they need, real-time integration, device agnostic, and “affordability”.

The MSME industry is the backbone of the India economy. They contribute to nearly 37% of  the GDP, account for 45% of the total factory output and make  up  for 42% of our total export. There are nearly 50 Million enterprises, employing over 110 Million people, in this category and it is growing by the day. However for decades this segment has been wanting to scale up business using technology as an enabler but due to the limited choices and affordability most of them have not been able to scale up.

The key pain areas and the problem that is being faced by the M/SME Sectors are:-

  1. a) Market Footprint Expansion
  2. b) Scalability of Operations,
  3. c) End to End Supplier Chain Automation
  4. d) Achieving​ the​ required transaction speed through efficient integration of third party Payment and Logistics systems,
  5. e) Access to Affordable Technology and capitalizing on it, and
  1. f) Flexibility & Configurability in Choosing Tech Components.

Most of the Current Solution Providers only focus on Enterprises and are beyond the reach of these small scale sectors and this leaves a significant gap (totally untapped market) for Sublimis to address. We address this huge gap for M/SMEs through our innovative and disruptive platforms “Eporium” – an E-Commerce Platform (B2B SaaS Based), and “Brahmaand” – a Travel ERP Holiday Platform (Enterprise

/ SaaS Product). Both these products are in the B2B and B2B2C domain and focuses on transforming the small & medium scale industries to become market and cost eficient and have greater market reach with negligibly small investment. Thus Sublimis addresses this gap through its solution framework as mentioned below that caters to the five main objectives of the M/SME industries, which are – a) Enhancing the Market Footprint at the shortest possible time, b) Ensuring Rapid Scalability of the operations, c) Ensuring end to end automation of the supply chain and the processes, thereby, making them employee light and organization lean, d) Enhancing the speed of business transactions through third party integrations like Payments,   Logistics,   etc,   and   e)   Ensuring   Cost   eficiency,   higher margins and higher profitability.

The solution framework is as follows:- 1.Enabling Business Going Online

  1. Automation across the Supply Chain of Clients
  2. Flexible, Modular & Configurable
  3. Optimizing costs and processes
  4. Integration with Payment Solutions, Logistics Applications and any third party applications 6. 360 degree Views of Client Behavior (CRM) along with Flexible and Customizable UI/UX 7. Affordable & Scalable With these two products, Sublimis will revolutionize the M/SME ecosystem, thereby creating a huge socio-economic impact on Indian economy that will be driven by inclusive growth.

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