Subhadip Basu: Story of a passionate Anchor who is exemplifying his passion with his celebrity talk show named talkathonwithSubhadip

All of us want to build a custom life we enjoy, to pave our own bespoken path. Nothing is more powerful than self- belief, hard work and determination that take you to the place that you always wanted to be. To achieve something extraordinary all we need is sincerity and intent. With such sincerity and intent Subhadip Basu coined his celebrity talk show “talkathonwithSubhadip” on YouTube. Not just this, Subhadip wears many hats however; he has always been creative with a passion in writing and interviewing the celebrities to ascertain their journey. He felt his passion should be given a wing and with that exemplification ‘talkathonwithSubhadip’ is incepted it’s been two years which has been marked with an exciting journey by far.

‘TalkathonwithSubhadip’ is a private celebrity talk show channel on YouTube. Subhadip has forged ahead with his passion and has been hosting the show for two years. He feels great to share that his small idea two years back is now growing and he makes sure to make the show interesting and informative with a showcase of better discussion. He aims to give an elevation in the standard of the show every year and apparently he had delivered on that. The format of his talk show is structured in such a way that it no longer looks like an interview rather it has a completely different format. He makes sure guests are freer to speak out their hearts. They feel free to speak their hearts out. Though the show is not influenced by any particular show, it’s a blend of many such shows. Subhadip as the show host pulls the content in such a way that makes the show as interesting as possible.


When asked about his motivation behind incepting a talk show only and why not any other thing, Subhadip said “I have always enjoyed watching interviews of celebrities and have followed many popular hosts from national and international platforms. I was always inspired by celebrated hosts like Rituparno Ghosh, Karan Johar, Oprah Winfrey, Jimmy Fallon, Whoopi Goldberg and many others. For me, a person who can be celebrated for any such contribution that is distinguished than others is a celebrity”

Being a native of City of Joy (Kolkata), Subhadip has completed his schooling from South Point High School. He is a PGDBM in Marketing Management from IISWBM in Kolkata with first class degree holder and with rich experience in corporate sales both in the fields of IT and Telecommunications for the past 21 years with a demonstrated history of working as a freelance journalist as well with quite a few eminent media houses at the initial stage of his career. Eventually he moved to the Big 4 world of corporate with a switch from a freelance journalist. After giving the best in the corporate for 21 years Basu rose up to put his heart and soul into his passion of his dream. It drove his inner force to do something different and exciting he always wanted to do and then “talkathonwithSubhadip ” happened with tremendous support from his family.

Needless to mention, passion forms ideas and when we are passionate about something we always spare no effort to maintain the shines of that thing and it makes us think more about it in a more creative manner to make it even better, same goes with Basu’s talk show “talkathonwithSubhadip”. He feels the responsibility and energy before beginning with any episode. He says “Motivation is very important and I always keep myself motivated towards my work”. He pledges to survive with “talkathonwithSubhadip” in the long run. You can catch every episode of his show on YouTube. The name of his channel is “talkathonwithSubhadip” or you can stop by and say Hi on Instagram @TalkathonwithSubhadip.

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