[Startup Bharat] Meet Moonjir, Who has been helping brands win through Video

Moonjir has one mission in life. Help online business owners with creating videos that get tons of eyeballs and establish connections. Then turn those eyeballs into paying customers.

Even before TVF or AIB was a rage Moonjir created a funny video with a couple of his college mates. The video became an instant hit and generated 5 lakh views within 1 week. Back in 2009, it was a big number for a youtube video made by a bunch of college kids. That viral video got Moonjir a few paid projects from startups and event companies. And that was the start of Moonjir’s journey into the world of video marketing.

Moonjir Alam is the founder of Hooked Media, a video marketing agency based out of Mumbai. He is a storyteller who loves to tell your story through video. After working as a freelancer Moonjir joined a Media house in the marketing department. Here, for more than 3 years he focused on learning how to run a business. While in the Media House he realised there is a gap between what’s being promised by a marketing firm to the client and what’s being delivered by the creative houses in terms of content or video ads. So, he started his own business of making videos for online business owners along with the marketing strategy. He has over 8 years of experience and has helped businesses all over the world with his video production and marketing strategy. He has worked with startups as well as multi-billion dollar businesses and understands the importance of building a strong brand for businesses in today’s world.

“Just creating good video content isn’t enough in today’s noisy world of the internet. Creating the right video that connects with end-users or prospects, distributing it in the right places to generate sales or leads through is our expertise.”

Hooked Media provides end to end solutions to its clients. Creating the strategy, scripting and executing the shoot, and managing the post-production process ensures that all client projects are seamless – from start to finish.

Their clientele includes Fashion brand owners, SAAS companies,

Fitness & Healthcare service providers.

“Big agencies are too expensive are difficult to work with. This meant a lot of startups, online service providers had to spend a significant overhead and still weren’t satisfied with the product. We take an ROI driven approach to our pricing so it’s a win-win situation for both us and our clients. ” quotes Moonjir.

Co: founder Balraj Singh Sandhu and Moonjir have been working in video gigs since their video production days. While Moonjir looks after business development, marketing strategy, Balraj takes care of the technical side of the productions. Team also includes in house copywriters, editors, animation artists, graphic designers and digital marketing nerds.

At Hooked Media, since its inception, our heroes have been our clients. Donald Miller, author, business owner, and CEO of StoryBrand, said it best:

“The customer is the hero, not your brand. When we position our customer as the hero and ourselves as the guide, we will be recognised as a trusted resource to help them overcome their challenges. Positioning the customer as the hero in the story is more than just good manners; it’s also good business.”

This one philosophy has helped us lot in terms of getting steady flow of clients from referrals also producing works that helped our clients win new customers.

Since its inception, Hooked Media have created 1000+ videos, shot more than 10,000+ video minutes, and worked with 100+ brands.

If your business facing challenges in terms of sales, steady flow of leads or building a brand you can book a free consultation call with Moonjir on or write to

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