May 27, 2022

Souvik Roy comes from a middle class family background.He somehow managed and enrolled into a paid course and learn some digital skills.From that very moment he got to know the Huge potential of the Digital Marketing Industry. He learnt Affiliate marketing but didn’t got results. Then he started Freelancing and also learnt about Fb ads and Helped Clients to scale up their business,At this time he started getting Some results but it wasn’t enough.The lack of mentorship, resources and money and without a specific strategy; the first few months were extremely hard and challenging. Being from a middle class background, the family pressure to quit entrepreneurship as his boards were coming made the going even more Harder.

But He didn’t stopped because he knew He Is the only one who can change the Financial Condition Through his skills and knowledge. Then he started to Learn and Implement with the top Industry Leaders and got immense results. And after that he never looked back.He has been able to deliver his knowledge and skills through his online courses and helped 1000s of people.

His online presence started to grow and He has been able to deliver values from his 50 + courses and also had taken 100 + workshops.

Now Souvik has been Delivering Immense Value to the youths and aspiring them with his guidance to Start their Online Business and Scale it to a Major Audience.
His Motive is to make thousands of people to be aware about how they can scale their presence and business’ using social media and monetize and generate revenues.

Souvik Is also the Founder Of Digihap (Gateway to Digital Marketing Experts) where you can learn and interact with Entrepreneurs.
Souvik also Have a Youtube channel – Digital souvik where he shares Personal Branding, Finance, Marketing Videos.
He is very much Dedicated In his Work and Passion and For that today people know Souvik Roy as a successful entrepreneur.

One Message He wants to Convey To people To Invest on their Self Growth Which will give them results.They need to understand that in order to become successful, they need to invest time and money upon their learning on a regular basis.And should not depend on anyone But have a mentor.

Everyone needs a mentor.

All top performers across the world have mentors enabling them to achieve more.

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