Southern Cities comes together to Help Animals face the Heat

People For Cattle in India (PFCI), an Animal Welfare distribute Free Water Bowls that can be placed in communities for Birds & Animals to drink water. The Animals suffer severe dehydration & several diseases are caused due to lack of clean water. Provision of these water bowls has given them easy access to clean water & ensured they are hydrated &healthy. It has been an encouraging and successful initiative since 2014.

Ahimsa Trust joins with PFCI to distribute additional bowls in Chennai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru & Hyderabad. This is the Ist time, PFCI & Ahimsa Trust are extending the Water Bowl Challenge to other cities in India. in 2021, Ahimsa Trust supported PFCI with 250 Water Bowls.

  • Chennai – Water Bowl Challenge is spearheaded by Dimple, Siva, Neil & Hari&was held on 21st May,
  • Coimbatore– Water Bowl Challenge by Shobana T J & was held on 15th May at Prozone Mall,
  • Bengaluru– Water Bowl Challenge by Harish K B was held on 22nd May at Cubbon Park &
  • Hyderabad – Water Bowl Challenge by Mrs Vijaya Reddy & Siva was held on 29th May 2022 at Dog Park, Gachibowli.

Mr. Parag Agarwal, Managing Trustee, Ahimsa Trust says,

“The Water Bowl Challenge 2022 provides much needed respite to community & street animals during the sweltering summer and encourages citizens to be directly involved in doing so. Given its wide reach and smooth execution, we at the Ahimsa Trust are only too happy to empower / fund this initiative by PFCI for the second year running. We look forward to successful executions in Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Hyderabad & Chennai.”

The Water Bowl Challenge brand ambassadors, Ms. Ishwarya Menon, Ms. Aishwarya Rajinikanth & other celebrities have inspired people to put out a bowl of water for the neighbourhood animals & birds by sharing the same in their social media & also by being part of the Water Bowl Challenge event in Chennai,

Since the year 2014, PFCI hasbeen distributing bowls. In fact, just in 2021, as many as 1500 bowls have been distributed. This year, the team intends to distribute 2000 bowls.The Water bowl challenge has witnessed celebrities, industrialist & bureaucrats participating and spreading awareness over theyears.

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