“Sounick Batabyal is a Kolkata based bodybuilder and International certified fitness trainer. He is also the founder of Phonix health and fitness and a certified nutritionist from the University of California”

Everybody likes to stay fit and for a few it’s like a dream to them. However after every slim fit person there are fitness trainers behind who help them to get into shape with total body transformations. Talking about one such energetic fitness expert and a bodybuilder Sounick Batabyal who strives hard to provide training and nutritional programs to tailor to the individual needs of his clients. He has been into fitness since 6 years and he leaves no stone unturned in making use of his talent and experience in transitioning people’s lives into the fittest selves.

Excerpt from a candid conversation with 74 kg 24 year old passionate Sounick Batabyal

1. What inspired you to become a bodybuilder? And when did it happen that you made up your mind to choose the path of fitness and bodybuilding?

Sounick –  I was average in sports since childhood and for that reason I was often neglected in every school sports tournament. I used to wonder when I saw the picture of the actors that this kind of body can only happen in movies. Since then I began working out, got into good shape and participated in my first state competition when I was 17 years old, unfortunately I didn’t get any rank and my failure motivated me to work even harder. Eventually by the time I turned 19 years I successfully secured a good place in District, state and national level bodybuilding competition.

2. What did you do before starting with bodybuilding?

Sounick – I was amongst like other normal students who saved little money every day to pay his gym fees every month.

3. Have you faced any challenge during your journey as a bodybuilder and fitness trainer?

Sounick – The biggest challenge was lack of support from the family at the initial days of my career. Financial constraint was another challenge as I lost my father during the second term of my national games so I could not afford bodybuilding.

4. Tell us something about your startup.

Sounick – The name of my startup is pocket trainer that aims to help every Indian with proper diet and workout at an affordable cost. It will also have live Zumba sessions, Fitness sessions and many more.

5. Tell us something about your personal life or any kind of obstacles you have faced in your life before becoming a bodybuilder.

Sounick- No I never took anything as an obstacle, if you see successful people around you everybody has faced hardships in life but still they have worked for themselves and for their dream without thinking about any obstacle and that’s what I believe.

7. Your achievements as a bodybuilder and fitness trainer.

Sounick – As a bodybuilder I have scored 2nd rank in state, 3rd rank in boss classics, 5th rank in federation cup (IBBF Suresh Kadam), 2nd in district and top 10 across India at IBBF Junior Mr. India.

As a fitness coach, with 6 years of experience I hold a certification in ISSA, BICP and I am a certified Nutritionist from University of California transformed more than 80 people’s lives from fat to fit with my customized diet plan.

8. How did your family react to it when they learnt about your bodybuilding?

Sounick – Unlike other Indian parents they were insecure about my future initially but gradually after seeing my achievements and my earnings they have accepted.

9. Tell us about your diet and some tips for all the people about proper diets.

Sounick – I always keep my diet simple and I have never preferred boiled food as I believe the human body needs everything to survive and that’s what I will suggest to others also. You can include everything in your diet but that should be in a proper ratio, if your coach says without eating boiled food you can’t reduce fat, don’t allow yourself to be misguided because it’s absolutely wrong. We need macro and micro food both to sustain.

10. Some words of encouragement for the aspiring bodybuilder.

Sounick – “Sometimes life is going to serve you with some curveballs, but I challenge each and every one of you to step in that batter’s box and take a damn swing. Just take a swing!”

Sounick is a B.COM Graduate currently pursuing MBA and ISSA. Currently he is working on his another new startup “Pocket Trainer” which is an online platform that aims to help in transforming every Indian from Fat to Fit without any hassle through live sessions, online Diet consultation and Live Zumba Sessions.

Instagram- @team_pockettrainer.


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