Sonu Sood becomes the brand ambassador of Kejriwal Government’s ‘Desh Ke Mentor’ program

Worked very hard to transform Delhi’s Government schools; want to make education a people’s revolution: CM Arvind Kejriwal

Delighted to have Sonu Sood onboard, he has inspired lacs through his selfless service: CM Arvind Kejriwal

No one can stop India from becoming a global leader if people join the education revolution: CM Arvind Kejriwal

Impressed by the transformation in Delhi Government’s schools; urge the youth of India to come be a part of Desh Ke Mentor: Sonu Sood

CM Arvind Kejriwal & Deputy CM Manish Sisodia meet Sonu Sood discuss Delhi Government’s Desh Ke Mentor program a mentoring program where youth will guide and mentor students of Class 9-12 of Delhi Government schools

NEW DELHI, Shivam Madaan Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia met Philanthropist and Actor Shri Sonu Sood today to discuss the new ‘Desh Ke Mentor’ initiative that the Delhi Government is set to launch. The programme will help students of Delhi Government’s schools find a ‘Mentor’ who will help them unlock their potential. Children will find answers to their career related questions through Mentors who sign up to be a part of the programme. The Delhi Government has found its Desh Ka Mentor in Shri Sonu Sood who has agreed to be the brand ambassador of the programme. As the face of the Desh Ke Mentor initiative, Shri Sood has appealed to citizens across the country to step forward and support children’s education and take the nation to a brighter tomorrow.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shri Sonu Sood stepped forward to help all those who reached out to him and was widely recognised for his humanitarian work. His Sood Charity Foundation has been helping thousands of deserving students achieve their educational and professional goals, whether through financial assistance or through its efforts to prepare students for a professional career. In order to ensure their continued schooling, the foundation has also prioritised financial assistance to children who have lost a parent/guardian to the deadly pandemic.

Praising the Delhi Government’s work in the field of education, Shri Sood said, “I am impressed by the transformation in Delhi Government schools in the past year. High quality education for all children, whether rich or poor, is the key to a brighter future for the country. We need to come together and do our share for nation building. I urge the youth of India to come be a part of Desh Ke Mentor.” Shri Sonu Sood is passionate about children’s education and believes in “har hath me kitab.” The actor was accompanied by his friend Karan Gilhotra, Philanthropist and Founder of Plaksha University.

The Desh Ke Mentor initiative is a programme where Mentors will take out 10 minutes every week to guide the students. Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal said at the occasion, “We have worked very hard to transform Delhi Government’s schools. Now we want to make education a people’s revolution. When young people across the country join our education revolution, no one will be able to stop India from becoming a global leader. We are delighted to have onboard Sonu Sood, who has inspired lakhs of youth across the country with his selfless services to the nation.”

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