Formerly known to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world, India was popularly referred to as ‘Sone ki Chidiya’, the land where every foreign power wanted to establish control. When we turn the pages of history, the second battle of Tarain in 1192 A.D fought between the Ghurid army led by Muhammad Ghori and Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan was the turning point which forever changed the cultural dynamics and history of the Indian subcontinent. The timeline of Indian history since then has recorded major changes in respect of the wealth, glory and the subcontinent being divided into two nations.

Growth in the Indian economy is proportional to growth in businesses which directly provide employment to the population of the country. Growth in business is a phenomenon which is characterised by self-sustainability and the ability to provide value in the marketplace. 

Anshav Jain, the founder of Bringleverse is an Angel Investor, Business Consultant, Start-up Mentor, Serial Entreprenuer and a Global Influencer who has been truly transforming lives with his vision and contribution to the business community. A Corporate Professional with over twenty-one years of Experience in Business Strategy, Business Development, Business Process Reengineering & Digital Transformation, Anshav Jain has mastered his area of expertise in all sense.

After forty-two years of life experience, Anshav recalls his journey when he wanted to be an astronaut but somehow ended up wasting two years on medical preparations. He finally pursued his degree from the renowned Delhi College of Engineering and got a job in sales where after a lot of struggle, he made it to the post of VP. He grew sixteen times in a span of eleven years, which was his greatest stride in the corporate field making him the youngest VP with big money at the age of just thirty-four years. However, dire situations often change the way human beings perceive life. After losing his well-paying job due to recession, Anshav decided to follow his true calling and soon became vested in panning out his business.

Mission Zero Unemployment became his agenda and his passion and dedication is what made a mark for him in the field of business. With over twenty-one years of sheer hard-work on more than twenty-one ideas, losing seven businesses in seven years and a debt of half a million dollars, Jain successfully transformed a loss making business into a self-sustainable global start-up valued more than $100M. Today, Bringle Excellence UK and India is a global organisation which has a strong base with 1M+ learners, 50k+ experts spread across over 70 countries along with a global organic reach of 200M+ viewers in 140 countries.

Serving as a founder and MD of Bringle UK and India, an auto- didactic and proctored block-chain based inclusive & patented platform, the Global Organisation is formed by strong business enthusiasts and Co- founders, Sharmila Divatia (having Cerebral Palsy, working with Ministry of Persons with Disabilities), Aishwarya Magesh (Dyslexic Mother, Investment Banker turned Entrepreneur) and Aria Jain (His lovely & dynamic daughter who is just 12 years old and started working under his guidance since the age of 8 years) besides 25 core members and execution team members. Together at Bringleverese, they envision to add a whopping $1T in Indian GDP by focusing on ‘BringLing excellence’ in 3Es – Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship by reaching out to the Indians across the globe in order to contribute towards regaining the lost Indian Glory.

Currently, the owner of a soonicorn company, Jain has always been involved in supporting MSME’s, learners and individuals and successfully runs two syndicate funds. Overcoming all obstacles and transforming an offline loss making business to an online ed-tech liability free business without a mentor in his life was no easy task and he always wished for that kind of support. Gradually he observed that individual efforts count and this led him to wonder why the majority of people follow the footsteps of others rather than becoming successful themselves.

The mission is a call to arisen and understand why India was known as the number one economy in the very first century and was called as “Sone Ki Chidiya” – A Golden Bird? Mr Jain believes that most people have the potential but are unaware of their capabilities until their energy is tapped in. Since most people aren’t aware of their abilities, strengths and weaknesses, his initiative is all about transformation and is focused on working towards re-building India into a self-sustainable and financially independent $5T economy leading to Zero-Unemployment about which he mentions in his new book “Sone Ki Chidiya Ko Jagao” (Awakening The Golden Bird).

The drive, Mission Zero Unemployment aims at enhancing Employability Skills and Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset among the 26 crore youth population and 50 crore children in India making them future ready for the Robo-Human world. The motivation behind this approach was to help existing employees face competition and sustain in their working environments since only 1% of new jobs are being added in India compared to the workforce entering in the employment ecosystem. “Rise and Shine”, “Know Yourself in 30 minutes and transform yourself into a leader”, “Jagao Jagao: Apni Sone Ki Chidiya Ko Jagao & Find Your Own Bringle Moment” all these slogans celebrates India and every individual success story out there just like a festival in India.

The future ready workshops to find a unique place for children in the robo-human world, skill development and preparing them for the challenges of the future through holistic development, cognitive aptitude, healthy living, mindfulness, counselling is what makes Bringleverse different. The personalised approach has something for everybody be it school children, college-goers or dropouts, investors, business-owners, employees, speaker or an author irrespective of any age, profession or income-level. Besides detailed psychometric tests, one-to-one calls, training in soft-skills and critical thinking, Bringleverse additionally helps its users prepare their resume profile, skills and video profile and tutors one for interviews.

Further, the approach involves developing the World’s Largest Cross-Border, all-inclusive, accessible and patented skill based virtual (Meta verse) Skill Tech University and Block-chain based Skill Bank – ‘Bringleverse’ which is their Global Vision: 2020-2030, committed to transform 1 billion lives, 1 million businesses and 100 unicorns with an Investment of $1B. This certainly would transform children to be future-ready, make the youth employable, and help businesses become sustainable and create a job for everyone in the market, be it employment, self-employment, business or an investor (ESBI Framework as per Robert T. Kiyosaki, Author, Rich Dad Poor Dad).

Anshav dedicates his life journey to his supportive wife Sudha and daughter Aria who have made countless sacrifices despite not being able to spend the golden years of life together and have trusted his journey entirely. His wife Sudha is the director and the guiding light behind starting the NGO Vardaan4u and his daughter Aria, Co-founder, Bringle is a 12- year old entrepreneur who started as young as 8 when Anshav used to read her the most famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Through his seminars, Jain makes an effort to help people gain insights about the core principles of business growth and raising investments as he, himself did not have a god-father in life or the financial backing needed for business. He has also designed a comprehensive program- Design Your Unicorn, to help entrepreneurs set goals and transform their ideas into a billion-dollar dream within a time frame of three to five years. Jain urges the people to remember the statement “Everything Starts with You” and states that finding a purpose in life can completely transform any individual’s life. Anshav and the entire Bringle team are attempting World Book of Records of 48 hours non stop event from 19th to 21st Aug 2022 with 1M+ participants and 1 Lakh+ contributors now and if you want to support Mission Zero-UnEmployment, then check

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