Small Town boy strikes gold with Crypto Ather: The new era of innovation in blockchain

Innovation is seeing nothing different from what everybody has seen but it is thinking what nobody has ever thought. Ather Finance is one such company that focuses on innovation in finance. With an impressive range of IoT products focussing majorly on the privacy, security and easy accessibility to the people, they look forward to bring a smooth transition to block chain.

Rohaan Patill is the core founder of Ather, he started it as a dream, few months back. With his dedication towards this dream and support of some great people, he made it possible. Managing and launching a versatile company like Ather is not a one man’s job, there is a team of dynamic employees involved in taking the company towards growth. Recently, they gave a sneak-peek to one of the IoT products from their large product portfolio, it is going to be revealed in Q4 2021.

First IoT Product 

The first product in the line-up is a “Smart-Wearable Watch” having a variety of features useful to everyone. With the “Smart-Wearable Watch” and the integrated app which comes with it, customers will be able to do a thorough analysis of their fitness routines. Apart from a list of features focussing on health of the customers, the smart-wearable also has some features dedicated to crypto enthusiasts. One of the many features is to access the market prices of wish listed coins by the athletes on their watch on the go. The roadmap of Ather Finance is all about innovations, starting from the first product launch in Q3 2021 of the “Smart-Wearable Watch”.

The further list of loT products

The list continues to the reveal of the IoT products portfolio of the parent organization AtherTec and further announcements from the child organizations. The products are focused on multiple fields in the market such as sound, technology and virtual reality (VR). ‘AtherTrac’ (Fitness Smart Wearable), ‘AtherWav’ (Sound Products), ‘AtherVue’ (Virtual – Reality Products) and many more are planned to hit the market from all sides.

Apart from the range of IoT Products, AtherTeam plans to launch their own block chain which will act as an extension to the IoT Services and the block chain products. The most talked about addition in the roadmap has been the launch of ‘AtherCoinEx’ scheduled to be in Q1 2021 which may break into the top 5 Crypto Exchanges in India soon noticing the variety of use cases of the project. With all these innovative projects under AtherFinance, the latest trend of NFTs has also been covered in the roadmap with the launch of NFT Marketplace in Q4 2021.

A more detailed roadmap has been published on their website which answers most of the frequently-asked-questions. AtherTec is the technological portal of the project which lays the foundation for all the techno gadgets under AtherTrac, AtherWav & AtherVue. The technological firm undertakes all the futuristic and state of the art technology advancements for the success of the IoT products under its different branches. It is hosted by a team of global professionals with the aim of a providing a smooth transition to everyone the future technology of block chain.

Rohaan, a 39 year old, hails from a small town of Latur, founder of AtherFinance started this company in Pune, India and they have another office based in Denmark . This young entrepreneur strongly believes that crypto currency is the definite future. His hopes are high about one fine day all the systems of the world will be using Blockchain technology. Rohaan lives by the example of trying to change the world, one blockchain at a time. 

An ardent fan of technology and other technological advances, Rohaan’s first stint came when he offered to help Daniel Juul, a blockchain developer, who also is a co-founder of Ather, with his crypto currency. After gaining sufficient knowledge about the database management and blockchain technology and crypto, he slowly started to build his team what we know today as Ather Finance. Ather Finance Operations is mainly overlooked by Priyashu Kumar, from Delhi and Mehebub Basha. The team has expanded from 2 people who started Ather Finance from their homes to a Full Fledged Blockchain developers working 24/7 round the clock.

Since the first day, Rohaan and Ather team aimed to construct a better, easily accessible and secure digital future for everyone. They envision to create and innovate superior products that contribute to a better global society. Thus, keeping in mind the community at heart, AtherFinance delivers on every promise made. They invite the AtherForce to give their feedback and ideas to make additional contributions and elevate the success story of the project.

The Ather team has developed a multitude of phase-wise plans for a long-term mass adoption of their upcoming products. Rohaan aims to crowd the global market from different angles and has a detailed and well laid out plans for marketing collaborations and product deliverance.

AtherFinance will be launching their IoT Project on the BSC Network aiming to make new innovations and to bring out new crypto products and blockchain technologies to everyone facilitating in the mass adoption of the future technology. The sustainability of the project is unquestionable because of the professional team comprising of Rohaan Patill (Founder), Daniel Juul (Co-Founder), Priyanshu Kumar (Operations), Mahaboob Basha (Technology), along with the support of Fatih Çelikbaş, Mukund G and Nanda Kalla.

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