SkoolStream is a classroom management application that helps teachers deliver quality content and nurture their students by eliminating time-consuming secondary activities such as creating quizzes, tests, tracking attendance logs, and checking assessments. 

SkoolStream enables teachers, institutes, and schools to set up their institutes in just 15 seconds. This new start-up is bringing a revolution in the Ed-Tech industry. This app provides you tools to create your institute in just three simple steps and hands-on experience of live teacher-student interaction, making your batch conduct test series with its super cool built-in question bank features. This app gives you the feel of a complete classroom with a simple user interface, online attendance, test results, and much more at zero cost. 



With the tagline “Aapka Apna Digital Classroom“ TRIO – Umesh Yadav from IIT Roorkee Computer Science, Parveen Garg and Sahil Jindal from NIT founded SkoolStream.

“Since the pandemic hit, there is no doubt teaching is one of that profession where many teachers lost their job – Parveen added.” Sahil and Parveen, who have been teachers for the past ten years and have experience teaching in the top coaching institutes based out of Kota, including Bansal Classes, Vibrant Academy, had the base plan ready before the pandemic struck. 

The observation that led to the breakthrough for the idea was that majority of the institutes did not have a portal to conduct examinations. “Despite everything going digital, the education domain in our country lags,” said Parveen. He further added that the more prominent players in the market in the Ed-tech sector neglect equally essential and relevant teachers running smaller institutes for students. Through SkoolStream, they aim to provide a platform to the teachers. The team became complete when Umesh joined hands. Umesh is the CTO and handles the technical work at SkoolStream.

SkoolStream is a horizontal product built for teachers from all walks of life. And with rapid global digital adoption on all fronts, SkoolStream sure has a lot of ground to cover.


SkoolStream helps educators teach online by assisting them in creating an instant batch in just three simple steps and going digital

1. Install the application and log in as institute-owner/co-teacher/student

2. Create a batch as a teacher or receive id as a student

3. Your “Apna Digital Institute” is ready to go.

Educators have to either visit website or download its Android app to create a virtual institute for themselves in two clicks. 

Teachers and educators can use SkoolStream to either organize live classes or to share their content securely. During the live classes, educators do not have to mark the attendance of each student separately. It gets automatically recorded when a student joins the class. Additionally, teachers can share PDFs, images, videos, takes notes, live-interaction, and take the test online with an in-built question bank and can like and create their question series.

“Content shared over WhatsApp is not secured as students can forward it. With stool stream, educators can be assured that their content is accessed only by the students,”- Praveen explained.


Speaking on the challenges and opportunities, Praveen says that COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of tech adoption in the education sector, both among students and teachers. Further continuing to this, he added that investments, funding, and other entrepreneurial activities are necessary for developing this revolutionary Ed-tech start-up and expanding slowly. They are favorable to their base for this start-up.

They plan to provide appropriate study material for students, which is now restricted to only specific competitive exams but will cover other exams as well, and keep the basic plan free for the teachers but might charge for the more customized services of SkoolStream later down the line.

 Message for the audience

 “Go digital when there is still time in your hands,” says Praveen to Startup Story, sharing that digitization is inevitable, and the pandemic has been proof for the same. It is the way that everyone needs to adopt before it gets too late.

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