Single Woman Consciousness Coach starts the First Ever Stray Animal Sanctuary in Malvan, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra

Welcome to the land of wonders, where all your dreams come true!

OCEAN is a haven of intelligence, consciousness and community, where we guide you towards becoming your highest self.

We look at the world today and we have noticed a huge spike within the population that suffers from  depression, anxiety, fatigue, and other chronic mental and physical illnesses.

We aim to close the disconnection that has taken over humankind by starting with being comfortable with who you are to blooming into your greatest potential, we are here to hold you hand.

Our greatest priority is to embrace and spread the conscious evolution movement as far as we can.

Conscious evolution is a journey towards inner peace and manifesting your best life, our coaches help by providing avenues towards meditation, easy manifestation techniques, facing fears, overcoming traumas, troubleshooting problems, positive thinking, boosting life’s opportunities as well as general coaching and counseling.

Our methods are backed by science and leading academics from around the world and our goal is to link our cognitive brain to our human consciousness.

We, as a company, deeply believe in giving back to Mother nature and going back to our roots which is why our courses integrate connecting with the universe, connecting with nature, grounding techniques, overcoming generational trauma and connecting with your Source energy.

The founder, Ms Sapna Thomas, is a certified psychologist trained in Neuro-linguistic Programing as well as a certified Law of Attraction & Life coach.

She believes that we are all students on this wonderful path called “Life”, with a constant hunger for knowledge and a never-ending journey of growth, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Her journey has taken her through many rough ups and downs but she has only come out joyous, successful and shining brighter than ever.

Creating OCEAN has been her way of spreading the same joy and light to all those who face similar dark situations on their paths, to provide a helping hand.

As she is a natural healer, she reflects this not only to humans but animals as well, she has been an animal rescuer for over 25 years and dedicates her free time towards medicating and feeding strays, advocating for animal rights, spreading the knowledge of animal welfare in small towns and educating and facilitating villages with ABC (Animal Birth Control) programs and general animal checkups.

She is the founder of a NGO for Stray Animal Sanctuary and Rehablitation center, in Malvan (Maharashtra), presently home to over 30 stray dogs and cats.

In Sapna’s own words –

“Each of us are here on this planet with a uniqueness and a peculiar set of qualities that is meant to set us apart from everyone else.

Then why does the minority or a handful of us find that pinnacle of success that we all desire and crave….

The secret lies deeper than your hard work and what you are doing.

At OCEAN this is the primary area of exploration.

During my years into animal welfare, something I have observed time and time again.

Hurt animals are drawn to healers, they have an instinctive recognition of how to find comfort and solace.

With this knowledge, I started exploring the subject of whether this encoded intuitive guidance still lies within the human consciousness.

The results?

When we come from a history of trauma or abuse, we are instinctively drawn towards a path of healing and wholeness.

At OCEAN we believe in healing and growth in the most raw and authentic sense by understanding how to learn from your traumas, how it will empower you to shine and glow through your own personal journey.

We explore different tools and processes that work best for each unique individual as in our world there is no one size fits all.”

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Part of our company is also dedicated to focusing on environmental aspects such as clean and healthy living, animal rescue, sustainability and organic farming.

Our vision is to build a community for everyone and we aim to provide not just inner health but external as well, our plan for the future is to be able to facilitate easy access to organic food, natural beauty and health products, supplements that improve overall health and to advocate for self sustainable houses such as earthships.

We also donate part of our earnings towards foundations that support these projects.

Come join the OCEAN family and become part of something magical.

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