May 27, 2022

The best thing that has ever happened to humanity is food. Consider a tree with ripe, luscious-looking fruits. What if you were able to pluck them from the trees but not consume them? What if you weren’t meant to chew and swallow, to savour the flavours that burst, pop, and punch in your mouth? 

What an unjust life that would be! Everything is made better by food. Do you recall the last time you threw a fit because you were hungry and nothing but the delicious Dahi kadi could make you feel better? 

Food has that kind of power. The way food is prepared varies depending on where you are in the country; however, Indian food is the most frequent. 

Operating since 2009, SIGDI Restaurant has been located in Kafletha Village Surat – Navsari road. SIGDI Restaurant is India’s first and only restaurant that serves 10-feet long seekh kabab. This restaurant is known to experiment well and entertain its guests by presenting different delicious non-veg cuisine. SIGDI Garden Restaurant has become the home to the most incredible venue to sample delicious Non-veg cuisine. It’s an enlightening area, good food, makes your nights enjoyable with special ones. This Ala Carte restaurant gives you the perfect ambience to enjoy dinner with your loved ones. 

Sigdi Restaurant operating branches: Surat, Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Anand, Baroda, Vapi, Bhavnagar, Nashik, Delhi, Igatpuri (Nashik), Valsad, Ankleshwar, Por, Aurangabad, Kheda, Bharuch (Heritage).

In the year 2021, they became the first Indian non-veg restaurant to open its franchise, offering Express mode of franchise. 

Sigdi Restaurant’s cuisine is straightforward and unpretentious, not to mention delicious. This restaurant is also quite famous among celebrities, especially for their mouthwatering Non-veg dishes. Setting up its pace in India, Sigdi Restaurant is now expanding its outlets globally.

Sigdi Restaurant is just perfect for colleagues get-togethers, birthday & anniversary parties, kitties, or any kind of event you are planning for. Sigdi Restaurant caters to all tastes.

Talking in terms of hospitality, the staff of Sigdi Restaurant cares about the guests. They are greeted with open arms and lavished with love as they enter the restaurant. With vibrant lighting, towering chandeliers, and authentic-looking embroidered table cloths and cushions, Sigdi Restaurant provides a feel that is representative of Indian culture. This setting complements the Indian cuisine, which is essential yet authentic. You are enslaved by the atmosphere alone. It fascinates you to the era of the rajas and maharajas, who gorged themselves on these delicacies. 

A word from the founder: 

Started by Mr Sohel Memon, with a passion for letting people enjoy high-quality food with great taste and perfect species, the restaurant’s success made him launch two new outlets. Upon talking to him, Mr Sohel sounds extremely happy, and heartfully congratulates people, who supported him, made him achieve more in life. He further added, “that’s all Surat people love and blessings, letting him set up the plan to launch more eateries of Sigdi Restaurant.”

Every restaurant is recognised for its culinary delights, which serve as the host. Spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, meat, and other condiments make up Indian cuisine. These components combine to create a flavour explosion that culminates in an olfactory experience.

If you are interested in the Sigdi Restaurant Franchise, kindly visit their 

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