Shriya Mudium asks individuals to honour their beauty with organic richness.

No skin is imperfect. All it takes is a little care, firm commitment and good products to stir the magic spell into action. Thorough care and commitment come if one wants the desired results. However, the individuals struggle with finding an excellent product to complement their devotion to achieve healthy skin.

Shriya Mudium, to overcome the issues, has introduced an effective skincare brand that redefines skin care with organic luxuries called Passion Amore. Passion’amore was launched on 12 December 2020, on the memorable day of her birthday. She defines her brand as a fun way to celebrate one’s beauty. Since its start, Passion’amore has united a family of 320+ customers, of which 200+ are regular. Shriya Mudium and her employees use organic materials to make products for both men and women. Before releasing any organic material-based product in the market, ingredients are thoroughly researched. In addition to this, the product runs under trial for a required timeframe before being released.

The inspiration to build such a brand came to Shriya Mudium from her own experience. She recounts her days of struggling with sensitive skin and the effects of having an unhealthy one too. Being under confident in herself and avoiding social life were some of the issues she faced. Hence, individuals with unhealthy and sensitive skin can empathise with her on significant levels. To overcome the problems, she finally took the matter into her hands and started researching essential ingredients, actives, and chemical compositions to suit all skin types better. In addition to her research and trials, she consulted dermatologists regarding ingredients with various potentials and those who reacted. It took her almost a year and a half to conduct her research and another half year to combine her knowledge and launch her very first lip care product. Since then, Passion’amore has seen constant progress and gradual popularity, marking its name as an effective organic skincare solution.

This organic skincare brand has been an important achievement in her journey, for which she is grateful for her mother Vijetha and sister Samadvita’s constant support. Furthermore, with a heart of compassion, Shriya Mudium has made a significant effort to help the needy by donating every 2% of the total purchased bill to charity. The brand is also cruelty-free and child-labour free, which shows the customer her drive towards morals.

Skincare is not effortless. An unquestionable dedication is required to achieve the actual texture of the skin, and choosing the right product is always a hassle. However, why panic when we can go organic? With brands like Passion’amore, one can always find what suits them best and venture onto their journey to have skin where they are comfortable and feel beautiful.

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