Shreyasee Konar, recently declared the ‘Dynamic Personality of the Year 2021’, is effectively making a mark on the Global Creative Industry with her abstract and dreamy artworks. She has numerous screenings across India, Canada, Japan, UK, USA, France, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Japan and Turkey. 

Her twenty international awards, including the ‘TOP 100 Women Icon 2021’ and ‘Iconic Indian Award 2021’, have given her the confidence to start her global exhibition, ‘Creación’. In Season-2 now, the exhibition invites artists from around the globe to submit artworks irrespective of the medium. The event’s central theme, ‘ Global Peace’ or ‘Peace Within’, aims to establish a sense of balance during these tumultuous times.

With her efforts, she strives to create a platform for other free-spirited artists like herself, living in this monotonous black and white world. The first season of her exhibition garnered several unique artworks across India, the USA, Canada, DR Congo, Egypt, Russia and Columbia.

Her other accolades include the prestigious Gladiator Film Festival Award, Andromeda Film Festival Award, Rome International Movie Award, Hollywood Venus Award, Kiarostami Film Festival Award and the Golden Wheat Award. Her short film was one of the TOP 5 at the Lift-Off Global Network Sessions March 2020 and was also screened at the Côte d’Azur Webfest 2019 in Cannes. She has been awarded ‘Abstract Artist of the Year’ and exceptional ‘Contribution at the International Stage’. She has been featured in the ‘Inspirational Director’s List 2021’ and was declared one of the TOP 40 artists globally in 2019. She has been featured in various International and Indian publications for her contribution to the global art scenario.

Her first clients included a Filipino Author, a Ukrainian Medical company and an American T-shirt start-up. After getting great reviews for her artworks, she decided to embark on a journey as an indie artist. Contrary to the traditional rules of contrast and complementary colours, she loves to work with pastel shades like mint green, turquoise, lavender and louis blue. She goes by the quote, “Art is my expression”, and uses soft hues to create an abstract universe for her audience.

She draws inspiration from world-famous artists like Jackson Pollock, creating exceptional masterpieces with just brush strokes and splatters of paint. She looks up to personalities like Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana, who have made a mark with their style, passion and kindness. Her creative style is an example of organised chaos, with colours flowing yet representing a beautiful thought. Each one of her art pieces reflects a part of herself, and each colour is an emotion. 

Owing to her consistent contribution towards the empowerment of artists, she has recently been made the Honourable Member at the Indian Women’s History Museum.

For creative-minded individuals who might want to know more about her, she presents her unique artworks on Instagram and her official website.



As rightfully said by Henri Matisse, “Creativity takes Courage”.

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