Shreyan Patel – Inspiring Story of a young Web Developer.

Shreyan Patel is an ambitious designer and a creative entrepreneur who made wonder with web development at the age of 18, starting with graphic designing at 17. Shreyan always had a love for creativity right from a very young age. He always had a knack for bringing something new and unique into the world, as it brought him great satisfaction. With an inclination towards telling stories through design, Shreyan tells a story behind the websites he developed that resonates with the audience.

Shreyan’s love for creativity grew and established his creative interest in website development. He developed over five websites in one month and over 500 Instagram posts for over 30 clients. That’s when he had decided to make something creative for a living and continue doing creative work. With a spark in entrepreneurship and interest around Website development, Shreyan developed an e-commerce website (https://shreymarket.comthat marked the beginning of his entrepreneurship journey. 

His venture Shrey Market is an Indian e-commerce company established in the year 2021 with the mission to deliver innovative and authentic products to its customers pan India. Shrey Market platform caters to the products of Home improvement, Kitchen, Beauty and health, Toys and sports, hardware, electronics and fashion. In the words of Shreyan, “We are always on the lookout for cool and trending products so that it can help in easing the life of the customers”. Shrey Market had enabled its business and set up a store of different products as per the customers’ needs. The key to success is iconic and customer-friendly household products with solid marketing functionality.

Being a customer-centric Organisation, Shrey Market focuses on customer happiness and customer satisfaction, prioritising the best and most affordable products on the platform. Vast knowledge of home products created an enticing online store of products striving to develop and maintain a strong relationship with the customers. Shrey Market focuses on reliable customer experience to have the right product on hand whenever they need it.

Shreyan’s another venture, Shreylistings (, is a marketing app (B2C) for businesses that let any businesses list themselves on the platform so that it can help them connect with buyers. The customers can explore a wide range of products and services from the listed SMEs, retailers and large businesses for all types of business requirements. Any business can register itself on the platform and start selling to millions of buyers across India. You just have to log in as a seller and manage your profile.

Young tech experts like Shreyan Patel began their journey of becoming their boss at a very young age with the right amount of determination and creativity. With the skills of marketing, data analysis and fundamental knowledge of design and seemingly endless potential for growth Shreyan Patel kept soaring higher. Shreyan has always been constantly focusing on innovation for achieving the ultimate goal of life and enhancing the customers’ business growth with creative design and development of websites so that it can further deliver high-quality solutions for clients all across the globe.

Shreyan’s passion fuelled him to excel in his business with a unique view of the world that others often don’t see. Indeed it’s the passion that drives a person towards success, and Shreyan’s desire was innate that powered his hard work, determination and patience to reach goals and rise to the top of their game.

Claim to Fame – Shreyan Patel

– Felicitated as Little Aged Web Developer in the District

– Honored as the Fastest Web Developer in the District

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